Who Wouldn’t Want Their Senior Portrait To Feature Cats And Laser Beams


(PCM) A New York high school student named Draven Rodriguez had his mind made up that he wanted his senior portrait to be different and stand-out from those normal run of the mill suit and tie shots. He wanted cats and laser beams, something humorous and a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Rodriguez had a professionally shot portrait done featuring him holding his cat Mr. Bigglesworth surrounded by a backdrop of laser beams, sounds ideal right? Well, his high school did not share in Rodriguez’s sense of humor and school officials denied his portrait for submission.

Rodriguez had already anticipated some backlash from the school, so he started an online petition to assist him with getting the photo included in the year book. He set his goal for 500 supporters and already well surpassed that number with thousands signing up to show their support.

The school officials have now worked out a compromise with Rodriguez, so his laser beam cat portrait will appear in the yearbook just not in senior portrait section. No worries though because Rodriguez already had a back-up photo in mind for the senior portrait section which features himself wearing a suit and tie with a lapel pin featuring Mr. Bigglesworth the cat.

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New Uniforms For The Colombian Women’s Cycling Team Are Creating A Stir


(PCM) The Colombian women’s cycling team has certainly created a ton of buzz on line with their new uniform choice. From the chest up the uniforms resemble your normal run of the mill cycling outfit, however it is the bottom portion of the kit that has created a bit of controversy.

The top portion of the uniform fades down to a beige colored fabric that is more than just a little revealing. While no skin, or lady parts, are actually shown, the illusion has been deemed too much for some cycling enthusiasts.

Social media exploded with comments from people who were not even sure just what type of opinion to form about the new uniforms. Some are calling them a move of pro-feminism while others are claiming that they are outright sexist. Many are even outright calling the uniforms a complete fashion disaster.

I have to admit at first glance, we almost assumed that the women were half-naked!  The uniforms are definitely shocking and a bit funny, but it seems that not everyone shares the ladies same sense of humor.

What do you think about the uniforms? Funny or too over-the-top?

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Apparently Bras Are Now Racist


(PCM) At least according to the editorial board of a college newspaper in Oklahoma, who recently made the claim that bras are racist because they happen to come in colors called “nude”. The newspaper went on to say that since non-white people’s skin isn’t that particular color when they are nude, then of course the bras must be racist.

Some of the questions asked by the staff published editorial in the Oklahoma Daily were “How would it make you feel that the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people? That the color of your skin doesn’t count as ‘nude’?”

The editorial also went on to use the same logic to explain that “nude” make-up, “flesh-colored clothing, and Band-Aids were also racist products.

We have to take a moment to point a few key arguments that we discovered when checking out this editorial. First off, so-called “nude” make-up definitely comes in a variety of different shades to match multiple skin tones and ethnicity’s, it is not strictly Caucasian. Also, the overall purpose of a nude bra was never to match a particular skin tone. It was created in that color so that it would not show through a lightly colored shirt. If you where a white, black, or multi-colored bra it will most certainly show through a white shirt, however a “nude” bra will not…it’s that simple! The overall purpose to be sure that a woman’s bra does not show through her clothing.

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Army Father In Uniform Denied Entrance To Daughter’s School


(PCM) U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Sherwood Baker, who has served in the United States army for over twenty years including tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was recently denied entrance to his daughters school because he was wearing his army uniform.

The security guard at the high school in Michigan informed Lt. Colonel Baker that some of the students may not understand or might be offended by the uniform. They gave him two choices, telling him he could either phone into the office or go home and change his clothes before returning. Baker’s wife claims that not only one but four staff members at the school supported the policy.

Baker’s wife Rachel Ferhadson was waiting in the car for her husband when the incident took place as they had stopped by the school during normal school hours in regards to an issue with their daughter’s schedule.

Since the incident occurred and began receiving national attention, the superintendent has since reached out to Baker with an apology. The superintendent, who also happens to be a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, claims that the school district has no policy against men and women in uniform entering their schools and this incident was simply a misunderstanding by the staff about the current policy.

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Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are On The Way


(PCM) The pumpkin spice trend is everywhere so it is only natural that Nabisco would jump in on the craze by debuting pumpkin spice Oreo cookies that will be available for a limited time.

The new pumpkin spice Oreo cookies will be available in-stores starting on September 24th and those who have had the opportunity to sample claims that they “smell like a candle” but the taste is not as overpowering as one would think!

The cookies will feature orange creme stuffed between two vanilla cookies and it said that the taste is overall pleasant, as they are not too sweet and the pumpkin taste is not overpowering.

Sometimes the Oreo flavor combinations can be surprising. We tried the fruit punch variety that was released over the summer and were shocked that the taste was way better than it had any right to be!

Will you try the new Pumpkin Spice Oreo cookies?

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