Bryant University Bans “Selfies” At Graduation Ceremony


(PCM) There will be quite a few distraught college students if this becomes a growing trend. Bryant University in Rhode Island recently made the announcement to its’ graduating class that “selfies” will be banned during their upcoming graduation ceremony.

The University especially does not want students snapping “selfies” of themselves while they are receiving their diplomas, as the officials feel it will slow down the entire ceremony.

The University also feels that the graduation ceremony is a special time for students and their families and that should be the true focus of the event. Their ultimate goal is to teach students that there is a time to connect and there are very specific times to disconnect.

Bryant University President agrees with the no “selfies” at graduation idea, and plans to allow students time to snap pics with him after the ceremony has come to an end.

Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of sitting through a college or even a high school graduation ceremony can certainly understand the need to move things along in a timely fashion, so we have to say this no “selfies” at graduation may not be such a bad idea after all.

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How About A KFC Fried Chicken Corsage For Prom?


(PCM) KFC is now offering edible fried chicken corsages for prom this year! Something tells us that this may not be a prom fashion trend the picks up, however KFC is giving it their all and have even created an advertisement to promote the corsages.

The ad features a nervous teenage boy presenting his date for prom with a baby’s breath and Original Recipe drumstick corsage. His date at first seems a bit freaked out by his gesture, however as the evening progresses she becomes more enticed and by the end of the night he goes in for the kiss, however she veers off and takes a nibble of the drumstick corsage instead!

While some many have thought that the whole fried chicken corsage thing was joke, it most definitely is not!  There are currently about 100 KFC corsages available for purchase Nanz and Kraft Florists in Louisville, KY. They are selling for $20 plus shipping and handling. They do not come with the chicken actually included, what is offered instead is a $5 gift card to KFC so the customer can customize their corsage with whatever type of KFC chicken they would prefer.

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Model Kicked Out Of Pageant For Tweeting Topless Picture For Charity

Eden-UK1(PCM) Barbara Eden, a 22-year old contestant in the Miss Oxfordshire beauty pageant in the UK, was kicked out of the competition after she tweeted a topless photo of herself for charity.

Eden tweeted the photo in order to bring about breast cancer awareness, a disease that is very close to her heart. Eden lost a close friend to breast cancer last year. The image had the following hash tags : #copafeel and #breastcancerawareness

When the tweeted image was revealed to pageant organizers they immediately notified Eden that she would no longer be permitted to compete and that she had “brought shame to the entire event”.

Eden fired back at the pageant organizers claiming that they have made her feel cheap and their comments were demeaning to her character. She also says that she would have never posted the photo in first place if she felt there was anything wrong with it.

Do you think Eden went too far with the image or do you feel that organizers were right about kicking her out of the competition?

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Could Our Obsession With Selfies Lead To Mental Illness?


(PCM) It is no secret that nowadays selfies have become a very big pop culture trend and the snapping of a selfie photo is something that just about everyone has done at one time or another. However, now doctors and scientists are linking our obsession with selfies to more and more cases popping up of people suffering from narcissism and body image obsession.

With the up rising of social media, people are more compelled than ever before to take and post selfie images and receive near instantaneous feedback on those images as soon as they are posted online. This can have a positive or negative outcome depending on the person and their ability to take criticism on the negative side or how narcissistic they could become when given positive reinforcement.

There have been stories that have surfaced about individuals taking hundreds and hundreds of selfies per day just to find the perfect shot. When looking at the images they begin picking apart everything about their appearance which can lead to cases of body obsession. While it is true that all of us would love to try to capture the perfect image, especially when it is going to be posted in a public forum like social media, the compulsion to pick apart everything little thing that is wrong with our appearance is ultimately not a healthy behavior pattern.

Individuals are now making the basis for their overall happiness on how many likes they receive on their social media accounts, especially when it comes to selfies. Our looks and appearance can slowly build up to be the most important thing in our lives and that is the perfect breeding ground for narcissism to flourish.

The selfie obsession can also wreak havoc on a person’s self-confidence, especially if they do not receive what they feel is an adequate number of “likes” or positive commentary. It is important for us to remember that the true liking of oneself is really the only “like” we should be worried about and that all of us are uniquely beautiful in our own way and should be comfortable in our own skin.


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Hobby Lobby Did Not Fire An Employee For Getting A Divorce


(PCM) Despite whatever rumors you may have seen circulating, it turns out the Hobby Lobby did not fire an employee for obtaining a divorce without company approval.

The story which was posted on The Daily Currant claimed that 33-year old Hobby Lobby employee Jennifer Silverton was terminated after she filed for divorce from her abusive husband of six years. The story claims that Silverton was terminated for reasons of “moral laxity” after upper management learned about the divorce proceedings.

The story goes on to say that Silverton never expected that filing for divorce would affect her job and was told it was for religious reasons.

While Hobby Lobby is certainly no stranger to controversy when it comes to some of their business practices and Christian values, they previously sued the Obama administration to avoid being forced to provide health care that provided contraception coverage for its’ female employees. That move caused Hobby Lobby to recieve a ton of negative backlash.

However, it appears that this story regarding Silverton being fired for getting a divorce is completely fabricated. The Daily Currant is a satirical news publication and majority of their stories are completely made-up and posted to create a buzz or make a joke.

People need to pay a bit more attention to the source of their information before jumping to conclusions.


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The Mighty Wawa Turns 50 This Month!


(PCM) Let me just apologize now to our friends in the rest of the country, who have not experienced the joy that is a Wawa Food Market. If you are from the east coast, mostly the North East region of the country, that you will certainly know why we are thrilled to celebrate our favorite convenience market turning the big 50.

From its’ humble beginnings as a single store that opened in Folsom, Delaware County Pennsylvania in 1964, the Wawa company has grown into a $9 billion dollar empire with over 22,000 employees and 650 store locations spread out among six states. Wawa is the go to 24-hour stop for delicious coffee, made-to-order sandwiches, snacks, gasoline and so much more!

Anyone who has ever been to a Wawa can understand it’s greatness!  It is not very often that a convenience store garners the popularity that Wawa has done over the years and the company prides itself on being more than just a convenience store for its’ customers, as Wawa becomes part of their daily lives.

A company that was started as a small, family-run operation now is an enormous, but still privately owned corporation with its own gasoline-trading desk, a test kitchen to cook up new food products, a warehouse-size innovation center to try out new store designs, and even a coffee guru who travels the world to get the best beans for the chain’s private brand.  What hasn’t ever changed is the corporate commitment to a culture that places value, first, on its customers, and then its employees.

To celebrate their 50 year anniversary coming up on April 16th, Wawa will be giving out free cups of coffee to their customers, as well as, conducting a private gathering of employees, business partners, and invited guests at the National Constitution Center; and the unveiling of the $50 million Wawa Foundation, a nonprofit to aid local communities.

The company is always planning new and innovative ways to enhance the customers shopping experiences. There are plans for new store designs and a Wawa mobile app coming up sometime in the near future. So,here’s to another 50 years Wawa!  We love you!

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Department Of Health Closes Dominique Ansel Bakery In NYC; Home of the Cronut


(PCM) It was bad news to start off the weekend for all you fans of the cronut out there!  The Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC, which is credited for the creation of the cronut, was shut down by the NY Department of Health after a Youtube video surfaced showing a mouse scurrying across the bakery’s floor.

A report from the Department of Health says that the bakery must exterminate and re-cement the basement of the bakery before they will be allowed to re-open. The bakery claims that the extermination and repairs will be taken care of this weekend and they plan to re-open for business by mid-day on Monday. Ansel and his team of bakers will be at the bakery all weekend, speaking to would-be customers and explaining the unfortunate situation.

Previously, the Dominique Ansel Bakery was given a “A” grade by Department of Health Officials, however there was some evidence present on the report that indicated there may have been a problem with mice in the past as well.

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Terminally Ill Father Walks His 11-Year Old Daughter Down The Aisle


(PCM) Be sure you grab a box of tissues before watching the absolutely heart-breaking video of a terminally ill father walking his 11-year daughter down the aisle.

62-year old Jim Zetz has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and knowing that he would not survive long enough to see his 11-year old daughter Josie get married, he was able to make that dream a reality by walking her down the aisle during a mock wedding ceremony.

The beautiful and heart-wrenching ceremony took place in the backyard of the Zetz’s family home in Murietta, CA and the family pastor presided over the ceremony, pronouncing Zetz and his daughter “daddy and daughter”.

The wedding idea was conceived when photographer Lindsey Villatoro was hired by the family to photograph one of their very last family portraits. Villatoro rounded up the help of all of her vendors to donate everything needed for the ceremony in less that 72 hours, no easy feat!  The vendors were able to rally together and donate everything such as Josie’s wedding dress, the cake, flowers, hair and make-up and food.

Villatoro filmed the wedding ceremony and posted the video titled “Walk Me Down The Aisle Daddy” online and it almost instantly has become a viral sensation. It was amazing to see the community pull together to make a family’s dream come true and it is something that young Josie will always cherish as she is growing up!

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A New Study Has Found That Left-Handed People Have Better Sex!


(PCM) In a recent study that was conducted with about 10,000 participants it was concluded that 86% of left-handed people reported that they were “extremely satisfied” when it came to their sex life. Only a mere 15% of right-handed people reported that they are “extremely satisfied”.

With the results of the study in mind, Swedish intimate lifestyle company LELO, had designed a new sex toy just for left-handed individuals. The new toy named “DEXTRUS” is designed to stimulate the right side of the brain, so while increasing sexual pleasure, it is claimed that the new toy can also make you smarter.

The new toy has a similar shape and feel to a stress ball and used in much the same way. When the user squeezes the ball with their left-hand, vibrations are sent up the arm, stimulating the right side of the brain. Left hand clenching (right hemisphere activation) can assist in enhancing memory and in turn make you smarter.

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Eraser Challenge Game Has Students Harming Themselves

Eraser1(PCM) You have to wonder sometimes where teens even come up with the ideas for some of these crazy and dangerous games that they find appealing for some reason. The newest game that students in a Connecticut middle school are playing is called “Eraser Challenge” and it causing some concern among school administrators and parents.

The game involves teens “erasing” their skin while saying the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter. Once the letter “Z” is reached they stop the game and compare injuries with their friends. (Yeah, sounds like a fun time to us…..NOT!)

A letter sent home with students at the Connecticut school, urged parents to speak with their children about the dangers of the game and claims that it is not just a few students who are playing, but more like dozens.

One of the main dangers or risks from playing the game is the possible sharing of bodily fluids, which could happen if any of the teens happen to break their skin during the game and the fact that they are sharing erasers with one another. It is most likely peer pressure that is causing the up rise of interest in the game among teens and it was brought to the attention of school officials by students that feared their fellow classmates safety.

It is not only Connecticut that is having a issue with the “Eraser Challenge” game. There are a ton of YouTube videos that feature teens harming themselves with erasers all around the country and it appears the game has been around for quite some time.

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