Delaware Man Files A Lawsuit Over Pink Panties


(PCM) Seems that PCM’s home state of Delaware is good for making some oddball headlines. A Dover man has recently filed a lawsuit stemming from an incident that took place back in 2012 during which he awoke from a surgical procedure to find himself wearing a pair of women’s pink panties.

The man was undergoing a colonoscopy at Delaware Surgery Center in the city of Dover, he also happened to work there at the time and the pink panty incident was a prank set up by his co-workers.

The 32-year old man, by the name of Andrew Walls, claims that he suffered severe emotional distress due to the incident and claims that he lost his job as a result. His co-workers at the time who were the surgeons at the center placed the women’s pink panties on Walls while he was unconscious and under anesthesia.

Walls’ lawsuit claims that in no way did he voluntarily or intentionally put on the panties and he is seeking unspecified damages. Thus far the surgical center has had no comments in regards to the incident or Walls’ pending lawsuit.

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Sam’s Club Pulls Potentially Contaminated Baby Wipes From Stores


(PCM) Sam’s Club stores have announced a voluntary recall of its’ Simply Right baby wipes saying that there is a potential possibility that they could be contaminated. Please note that it is not a full on FDA recall on the product.

The company sent out an email to its’ customers that may have purchased the baby wipes which read:

“You are receiving this message because Sam’s Club’s records indicate that you recently purchased Simply Right baby wipes.

The safety of our members and their families is a top priority at Sam’s Club. Our supplier, Nutek Disposables, Inc., has advised us that some Simply Right branded baby wipes offered for sale at Sam’s Clubs beginning June 30th of this year may be contaminated with B. cepacia bacteria. According to the Centers for Disease Control, this bacteria ‘poses little medical risk to healthy people. However, people who have certain health problems like weakened immune systems or chronic lung diseases, particularly cystic fibrosis may be more susceptible to infections with B. cepacia.’

“As soon as we learned that some of these baby wipes may not meet our safety and quality standards, we voluntarily directed all clubs to remove the product from our shelves and website and placed an electronic block at our registers so the item can’t be purchased. We continue to work with our supplier to quickly understand the facts and necessary next steps.”

Customers were then informed that they could return the Simply Right baby wipes to Sam’s Club to be issued a full refund.

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Apple And Facebook Will Now Assist Employees With Payments To Freeze Eggs


(PCM) It has recently been revealed that major technology companies, Apple and Facebook, have added a new benefit to their female employee’s medical coverage which will now assist them with paying to freeze their eggs.

Because of the high cost that is normally associated with the freezing of a woman’s eggs, many women did not consider it to be an option if they wanted to wait to have children until later in life. With both Facebook and now Apple agreeing to assist their female employees in paying for this option it opens up new choices for women that were not available before.

While the freezing of eggs is still a relatively new practice, many women are beginning to take advantage of the benefits of being able to put their fertility on hold until they are ready to start a family.

Once the eggs are frozen then can then be inserted into the female’s uterus at a later time as a safe and effective way to still bear children later in life. Many women are looking into this option as they would like to spend more time focused on their career during their prime child-bearing years.

Facebook began offering this benefit to employees back in January of 2014 and Apple claims that they will begin to offer the benefit starting in January of 2015.

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First There Was The Fappening Now We Have The Snappening!


(PCM) Hot on the heels of the celebrity nude photo leak,which the internet had dubbed The Fappening, it seems that hackers have now found a way to access nearly 200,000 private Snapchat photos and videos and distribute them online.

Being called, “The Snappening” the hackers discovered away to gain access to the photos and video without breaching the app’s servers, but instead went through a third party site called

SnapSaved allows users to log into their Snapchat accounts and save incoming messages to their computers, which in a way defeats the purpose of the Snapchat app which is supposed to destroy photos a few seconds after they appear and leave no trace of their existence.

Of course the leaked images are now busy circulating their way through 4chan and other various internet message boards. After the breach was discovered SnapSaved shut down their website and posted a message on Facebook that assured users that no personal identification information was revealed during the security breach.

The actual SnapChat app assured users that their app was in no way hacked and only those users that may have used a third party website to save images.

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Would You Pay Over $1,500 For A Burger?


(PCM) London restaurant, Honky Tonk, is now offering quite the extravagant burger with a hefty price tag that equals out to be exactly $1,768! Called “The Glambuger” it features lobster, beluga caviar, venison, a duck egg and is coated in edible gold leaf.

The burger was created by the restaurants head chef Chris Large in celebration of the restaurant’s five millionth food and drink voucher sold on deal-finder app Groupon.

Despite it’s outrageous price tag, Large revealed that he and the restaurant plan to give the burger away in a contest. It will certainly be a dinner that the winner will not soon forget.

Currently, the most expensive burger in the world weighs in at around 777 pounds and cost about $5,000. There is also another burger available in Beverly Hills that runs about $500 and features some high end garnishes.

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