I Love Food: Chicken Parm Pizza!


This I Love Food feature is the chicken parm pizza. This calorie-packed meal hails to us from Giovanni’s Pizza in Hoboken, NJ. Hoboken is a hot spot for pubs and food places so there is also hefty competition in the pizza department. However, if you want a typical New York-style piece of pizza, go to Giovanni’s.

Benny Tudino’s is known in the town for being home to the biggest slice. But, if you order by the slice at Giovanni’s, the size of their slice isn’t far behind. It is a “one and done” situation.

So, if you grab a cupcake from the Cake Boss’ Carlo’s Bakery, grab some dinner afterwards and get the chicken parm pizza. A good balance of crunchy (real) Chicken on cheesy pizza. There’s nothing more unsettling than treating yourself to a pizza dinner with chicken on It when the chicken isn’t real. You don’t only feel guilty for the calories you just consumed but the lack of protein also.

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