10 U.S. Presidents’ Favorite Snacks: Pretzels, Nuts, and Cottage Cheese with Ketchup?

Let’s be honest, the President’s job isn’t easy! It’s a stressful job that calls for some serious snack time. From pork rinds and pretzels to cakes and chocolates, the Presidents of the United States have all had their favorites – salty, sweet, and certainly unique! In honor of President’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the snacks our commanders in chief couldn’t get enough of!

According to The President’s Cookbook, George Washington was generally disinterested in food, but always had nuts on hand! In fact, he would buy them by the barrel.

Thomas Jefferson was a “foodie,” collecting recipes and trying new cuisines throughout his travels. But his favorite was vanilla ice cream – from a recipe he picked up in France!

William Howard Taft was another nut man. He was reportedly crazy about salted almonds, carrying them with him at all times for snacking.

The snack of choice for Franklin D. Roosevelt was fruitcake!

Richard Nixon had quite the unusual favorite snack: cottage cheese and ketchup. He would enjoy the strange combo for breakfast, but would often substitute different toppings for the ketchup, like fruit or pepper. In fact, his last meal at the White House was cottage cheese with pineapple slices!

Ronald Reagan had a sweet tooth, and loved his jelly beans in particular. During his inauguration in 1981, he had three and a half tons of Jelly Belly beans shipped to the White House for the event.

And then there was the salty snacker, George H. Bush. His crunchy, salty must-have? Pork rinds!

Bill Clinton was a president known for his love of junk food, especially Big Macs. He was even known to take burger runs to get his fix – literally burger runs. He would for a jog through D.C. and stop at a nearby McDonald’s on the way!

George W. Bush’s favorite snack almost killed him! His fondness for pretzels was revealed when the White House medical team had to rush in to save him from choking on a pretzel in 2002.

Barack Obama may live a healthy lifestyle otherwise, but he’s not giving up his favorite snack: chocolate caramels. Mmm. Fran’s Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt Caramels to be exact.



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