I LOVE FOOD: Nutella, Strawberry and Banana Crepes


This week’s I Love Food post is a sinful mix of deliciousness. For Valentine’s Day, I went with my wonderful beau to a crepe place in the West Village. (For those out-of-towners that means it is in Manhattan.) So, as soon as we walked in I saw a picture of the most harmonious ingredients and my eyes knew what I wanted: a crepe filled with Nutella, Strawberries, and Bananas. One PLEASE!

The dead give-away is the Nutella part, who can deny themselves such a scrumptious spread? Anyone who hasn’t had Nutella, and calls themselves sweet lovers, you have to try this. It is a hazelnut spread that you can put on anything. I personally like to put it on my brownies, because for me the richer the better. But, it is also great with fruit.

Something about the nutty hazelnut flavor combined with the natural sweetness of the fruit is delectable. If you pair that with a light, fluffy crepe you can’t go wrong.

Not only was this a romantic dessert, but it is something you don’t always think of getting. After dinner we were going to go to a famous cupcake place, but you can get cupcakes any day of the week. It is not every day though, that you can make yourself a crepe. If you want some good ones, head over to Vive Le Crepe and tell them Allie sent you. Okay, they don’t know who I am, but I just liked pretending for a second that they appreciated how much I enjoyed their crepe enough to catch my name!

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