Majority of Moms Regret the Name They Gave Their Baby

A new online survey has shown that 54 percent of parents regret the name they gave their child! surveyed over 1,000 moms and dads in the UK and found that more than half wished they had chosen a different name for their child. 11% said they were put off by other people’s dislike of the name, 26% said they felt the name they chose became too popular, and about half said the name just doesn’t fit his or her personality.

Nifa McLaughlin, editor of says:

“Choosing the right name for your children can be a tough job, with many parents wanting to wait and see before they make their final decision in case one name jumps out as the right one. However, there is never any way of guaranteeing your little one will like what you choose, but if you love it then that will go a long way to ensuring that they grow into it and hopefully it starts to suit them more and more as their personality develops.

“The recent trend for celebrities to pick more traditional names for their children has helped some of the names that are on the edge of extinction to come back into vogue, but it is a shame that within the next 100 years we’re likely to see some classic girl’s names slip completely into memory. Looking back through historically popular names can provide a wealth of inspiration, so we would encourage parents to look into the past and take inspiration from their favourite literature and films if they’re struggling to choose a name that fits.”

Don’t rush into naming your baby – but more importantly, don’t let what other people think about your child’s name make you regret it! That’s just silly. As long as your son or daughter likes his or her name, who cares?

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