10-Year-Old Sets World Lifting Record

That’s right: the new WORLD record was just set by a ten-year-old from New Jersey!

Naomi Kutin of Fairlawn, N.J. set the world record in the raw squat event by lifting an astounding 215 pounds at the RAW Unity weightlifting championships in Texas. And she only weighs 93 pounds! That’s more than twice her bodyweight!

Kutin broke the existing 97-pound division mark of 209 pounds, which was held by a 44-year-old European. Yes, at just 4-foot-8 and with just a few years of training, the young girl is a force to reckoned with! Just imagine what she’ll be lifting when she’s that age. Better yet, imagine what she’ll be lifting in 5 to 10 years!

Here’s what she told Corpus Christi TV station KIII in late January about her entrance to the competitive world of international powerlifting:

“When I was younger, my friends would be doing a lot of things that I couldn’t do, and I wanted to do something extraordinary,” Kutin said. “I wanted to break a record of some sort and I just really wanted to get this record.”

Kutin said no one even believed her at first, and had to bring in the proof. She told DailyMail:

“A lot of my friends and all of my teachers didn’t believe me when I said I had broken the world record. It was only when I brought in my medal and certificate that they did. Everyone thought it was really cool.”

Kutin has no intentions of slowing down now that she’s broken the record, and is looking forward to breaking her own record to preserve her status at the best power lifter in her weight division.

“If someone breaks the record then I will definitely try and get it back. Even if nobody breaks it I will keep trying to get personal bests.”

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