How Does She Do It? Madonna’s Trainer Reveals Her Tricks

Madonna is one of the hardest working stars in the business, and her ‘go big or go home’ attitude applies to all aspects of her life – including her workouts. She may be 53 years old, but she’s stronger and healthier than a lot of young people in the industry. We could all learn a little something from the Queen of Pop…or at least her trainer!

She’s kicking off her world tour May 29th, and her choreographer and personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, works in the gym with Madonna six days a week to make sure she’s ready for her grueling performances. If she could share one trick from working out with Madonna, what would it be? Put down the magazine! She explains:

“Body awareness. One must engage their mind while performing their exercises. Time and time again, I see people reading papers or watching TV while they work out. This might bring about injury and if the mind is not connected to the body, you can’t exert the proper amounts of energy needed to gain the desired results.”

Madonna reportedly practiced her Super Bowl Halftime show with the thermostat turned up high, stirring up a buzz about training in warmer temperatures. Winhoffer explains why:

“A warmer environment allows for the muscles to be warmed up and limber. Increasing body temperature allows for the blood to flow through the heart and muscles, enabling mobility, movement and protection from injury. Being a dancer, there is nothing better than feeling each muscle warmed up, connected and ready for a big show.”

So put down the magazines and turn off the TVs – focus on what you’re doing for better results. And always warm up! You don’t have to workout in a sauna; a good full-body warm up will do the trick.

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