I LOVE FOOD: Filet Mignon!


This week’s I Love Food post is meaty! Now I know people say red meat isn’t good for you, and I respect that. But, I do think it has nutrients that you can’t find in leafy vegetables.

Then again, I am not a doctor – I just love all kinds of food. No matter if it offers special vitamins or not, for meat lovers out there I am sure we could at least agree that it is tasty.

This is an image of the filet mignon my mother prepares. She has paired it with some asparagus and Cajun shrimp skewers. So, kind of like a different take on surf and turf.

My favorite part of the meal though is obviously staring us right in the face. A juicy filet from a restaurant is expensive – one time I got the cheaper version by ordering “filet medallions” but it was not the same. That is why I appreciate so much when my mother makes this at home.

The best part about filet is the tenderness of the meat, which gives you a melt-in-your-mouth type of experience. It bursts with flavor upon the initial bite.

It is good it gets served in individualized portions, because I at least know that it’s not healthy to have too much red meat. Everything in moderation… Now grab that steak knife!

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