I LOVE FOOD: Stuffed Cheeseburgers


This week’s I Love Food post is a childhood favorite of mine. My family and I always took a lengthy drive since we were young to indulge in these heavily-cheesed burgers.

Iron Horse, which is located in New Jersey’s Bergen County, is well-known by many in the town. Why? I think the picture above can answer that. They give you a healthy portion of cheese in every stuffed burger.

Some places have frozen burgers that are already stuffed. You can tell that the burger is frozen and not made fresh if you can’t order different ingredients inside of it. I can’t vouch if they do or don’t do that at Iron Horse, but they taste pretty fresh to me. Plus, you can choose any kind of cheese you want.

Although it is a minor change to the classic cheeseburger; it is such an exciting experience. It reminds me of something I would see out of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri. He has eaten many stuffed cheeseburgers, and that is one thing I am not jealous of when I watch him do the “hunch” to consume a burger like that – because I know where I can enjoy one myself!

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