JWoww’s Cheat Sheet for a Bikini Ready Body

Want a body like JWoww’s? Of course you do! Well, now you can. The ‘Jersey Shore’ star shares her favorite moves to get back into a bikini in time for summer.

Because remember: “no one wants to be a zoo creature once it’s time to hit the beach.” The time to start is now, she says. Here is JWoww’s cheat sheet with all her best exercises for the five body parts you should be focusing on: “your abs, arms, legs, butt and of course, your boobs.”

1. Moves for Your ABS – Get abs The Situation would be jealous of with these 3 moves:
1 – The Bicycle Crunch
2 – The Vertical Leg Crunch
3 – The Exercise-ball Crunch
2. Moves for Your ARMS – Get rid of any post-holiday arm jiggle with these 3 exercises:
1 – Triceps kickback
2 – One-arm Triceps Push-ups
3 – Skull Crushers
3. Moves for Your LEGS – Working out your legs is so easy – you can actually do all of
these moves from home:
1 – Squats with Chair
2 – Standing Calf Raises
3 – Inner Thigh Squeezes
4. Moves for Your BUTT – Your ass will be looking sweet with these 3 moves:
1 – Hip Extensions on all fours
2 – Lunges
3 – Step-Ups
5. Moves for Your BOOBS – Because swimsuit season is an excuse to walk around in a bra!
1 – Chest Flies with Dumbells
2 – Modified Push-ups
3 – Chest Presses with Resistance Bands

For a detailed instruction of each exercise, head to JWOWW.com.

Photo courtesy MTV
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