Army to Tighten Rules on Hair, Makeup, Tattoos and Dress Code

New changes are coming for men and women in the military, as senior leaders put the final touches on regulation changes…grooming regulation. The pending changes are part of a comprehensive review of Army Regulation 670- led by Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler, and cover everything from tattoos and makeup to hair and civilian attire. The goal, says Chandler, is to project a uniform and professional Army.

Soldiers will likely face punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice if they fail to comply. “You chose to join the Army” Chandler said. “The Army didn’t choose to join you.”

Rules regarding civilian attire when off duty are under scrutiny, with tighter restrictions on what you can wear on post expected to change. So are the issue of tattoos. “The appearance of tattoos detracts from a uniformed service,” Chandler told the Fort Jackson soldiers. “Now, if you have a tattoo that draws attention to yourself, you have to ask the question, are you a person who is committed to the Army? Because the Army says you are part of the same organization. We all generally look the same. And we do not want you to stand out from the rest of the Army.”

According to Army Times, the pending changes include:

• Shorter sideburns.

• Soldiers must be clean shaven on and off duty, even during leave.

• Women will be allowed to put hair into ponytails during physical training.

• Men will be prohibited from wearing cosmetics, to include nail polish.

• Women may wear cosmetics “conservatively.” That means no unnatural or exaggerated appearance, and no more fake eyelashes. Nail polish will only be worn in service, mess or dress uniforms.

• Women’s fingernail length will not exceed a quarter of an inch. No fake nails, add-ons or extensions will be authorized.

• Tattoos will not be visible above the neck line when the physical fitness uniform is worn. Tattoos will not extend below the wrist line and not be visible on the hands. Sleeve tattoos will be prohibited. (This rule may be grandfathered.)

• Soldiers will not eat, drink, smoke, or talk on cellphones while walking.

• Army Combat Uniforms will not be commercially pressed; only hand ironing will be authorized.

• Bags worn over the shoulder must be black or the color print of the uniform, without logos.

• Hair grooming standards will become more restrictive and better defined.

• No visible body piercings will be allowed on or off duty. Males will not be allowed to wear earrings at any time. Ear gauging will be unauthorized.

• Civilian clothes standards, both on and off post, will be better defined.

• No dental ornamentation or gold teeth will be authorized.

• Soldiers will be authorized to wear authorized ballistic eyewear in garrison.

• Officers will be authorized to wear nonsubdued rank on their headgear in garrison.

• Men will be authorized to carry a black umbrella with the Army Service Uniform.



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