Burger King Testing Out New Bacon Sundae

Road trip? A Nashville, TN Burger King location is testing out an intriguing new menu item that’s sure to have bacon fans loading up the car for a road trip to Tennessee – a Bacon Sundae.

Surprised? Believe it or not, Burger King isn’t even the first chain to take on bacon-flavored desserts; Denny’s whipped up bacon maple sundaes and Jack in the Box had bacon milkshakes on their menus. But Burger King is using actual bacon in their sundaes – only the best for the King!

No actual images of the sundae has surfaced, but the lawn sign of the BK’s Bacon Sundae shows a mound of vanilla soft serve, drizzled in what looks like chocolate and caramel sauce, bits of bacon sprinkled on top and a strip of bacon for garnish. Is it loaded with fat? Probably. Is it worth piling in the car and heading to Tennessee to try it out for yourself? No – you can make it at home for yourself!

Here’s a lighter recipe for a Bacon Sundae – it’s easy to make and friendlier on your waistline and gas tank!

2 scoops light vanilla ice cream
2 strips of center-cut bacon, broken into pieces
1 Tablespoon light chocolate syrup
1 Tablespoon caramel sauce

Place one scoop of ice cream into the bottom of a sundae dish, sprinkle with some of the bacon pieces and top with drizzle of syrup. Repeat the layers. If you’re trying to copy the BK dessert, use chocolate and caramel, but if you want to switch it up try maple syrup! Or just use a little bit of everything if you really want to get crazy.

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