Organize and Clean Up Your Messy Closet with This No-Slip Hanger Trick!

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when your clothes, especially dresses and blouses with a wide neck, just keep slipping off their hangers in the closet? One minute your shirt’s on the hanger and the next it’s crumpled up in a ball on the floor! It drives me crazy, but I hate the look of those big bulky hangers; they take up too much room and they aren’t pretty to look at.

But finally, there’s a solution! This amazing little trick will keep your clothes on their hangers for good, and it’s easy, cheap, and looks pretty too. The secret ingredient? Pipe cleaners! Gotta love Pinterest!

Here’s how, via!

1. To start wrapping the pipe cleaner on the hanger – bend and fold the tip over on one pipe cleaner about 1-inch. Place on top of the end of one shoulder section of the hanger.

2. Begin to wrap the pipe cleaner over the bent section and hanger to secure.

3. Continue to wrap until you come to the end of the first pipe cleaner. Leave a small section straight as shown in the photo.

4. Add the second pipe cleaner in the same way you did the first – following step 1 – 3. You want to wrap over the end section of the first pipe cleaner along with the section you bend to start the second. When you get to the end of the second pipe cleaner- I thought I may need a dot of hot glue – but I didn’t need it. All I did was press the end around the hanger. It will mold to the curve of the hanger.

5. Repeat on the other side of hanger.

It works on both wire and plastic hangers! Click here for the full tutorial with photos.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick up some colorful pipe cleaners at the dollar store and clean up your closet!

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