Ali Landry Talks Losing the Baby Weight: “Our society is a little crazy with that”

Yes, it’s another post-pregnancy celebrity weight loss story. But Ali Landry is an exception: she’s just “not one of those people!” She tells Fitness Magazine that getting back to pre-pregnancy weight as fast the average celebrity does is a little unrealistic, and the “average person does not bounce back that quickly” – herself included!

While some may beg to differ – Landry only has 7 pounds of baby weight left to lose – the actress and mother of two has been taking her post-pregnancy weight loss nice and slow.

“While I was pregnant both times, I worked out through the pregnancy. It really helped not only physically but mentally as well. But once I had the kids, I made sure to not feel pressured to drop the baby weight immediately. Our society is a little crazy with that, with all the magazine covers of celebrities getting back into a bikini three weeks after giving birth–I am just not one of those people! It’s a little unrealistic, and the average person does not bounce back that quickly.”

“People also claim you lose weight nursing, but I nursed both of my kids and felt like a linebacker! I just made sure to eat healthy and drink water constantly. Even with that, once I finished nursing Estela, I had 10 pounds left to lose. With Marcelo, I have 7. I think that’s just the way my body is built.”

During her pregnancy, Landry says she continued to do a lot of the same workouts she normally would do, but at a lower intensity. She ran in the beginning, and then switched to the elliptical for cardio. For toning, she used a BOSU ball to work multiple areas at once, including balance!

Now that she’s a busy mother of two, she tries to squeeze in two to three workouts a week, with two days of strength training and “some spinning thrown in the mix.” Landry focuses on her diet, which she believes makes the biggest impact.

“I use Chefs Diet (a food delivery system) from time to time, but if I’m cooking for myself I usually have oatmeal with chia or flax seeds in the morning or a few hard-boiled eggs. For lunch I make a whole grain wrap with low sodium turkey, arugula and avocado. At night, it’s usually steamed fish in parchment paper with veggies and brown rice. And every night I have chocolate, whether I’m on a diet or not. I really believe in balance and not feeling guilty about a little indulgence, which is why I love the Simple Pleasure’s line, one serving (about 6 pieces) is 180 calories, so they are only 30 calories apiece!”

Credit: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

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