Junior High Student Forced To Change Out Of A “Virginity Rocks” T-Shirt


(PCM) Chloe Rubiano of Fayetteville, Alabama was informed by school officials that wearing a t-shirt that read “Virginity Rocks” was deemed inappropriate because it contained “sexual content” and was forced to change in order to avoid punishment.

Rubiano claims that she just loved the shirt because it is a statement to how she was raised and what she believes in. She never assumed that anyone would make a big deal over it. She had worn the shirt in the past at other school’s with no problems.

The staff members at Ramay Junior High claimed that their decision to ask Rubiano to change was based on the fact that the message on the shirt had the potential to disrupt the classroom environment and opened up too many doors for conversations.

Rubiano’s mother is sticking by her daughter and claims that she was surprised by the school officials decision and that while the shirt is bold, it is appropriate. She goes on to say that she feels it is part of sex education and Virginity is where you need it to be. She is thankful for her daughters beliefs.

The school district also stands by the school officials decision to deem the shirt inappropriate, as they say no students are allowed to wear clothing that has the potential to disrupt the classroom learning environment.

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