There Are More Singles In America Now Than Ever Before


(PCM) Recently, Pew Research Center published a study that reveals that the number of people who are single in America has reached an all time high.

The study, which collected census date, revealed that by the time that young adults of today reach their mid-40 to mid-50’s a whopping 25 percent will have never been married. Looking back to the year 1960 that same number was on 10 percent, showing that there has been a steady up rise in the single lifestyle over years.

The data shows that if this trend continues that number will continue to climb and by the year 2030, it will be the highest number of single recorded in “modern history”. The current number equals out to be about 42 million people in the U.S. who are currently single.

One of the key findings of the study revealed the financial security was one of the most significant hurdles that kept young adults from taking the leap into marriage. Unemployment rates continue to be at an all time high and many people continue the everyday struggle just to make ends meet. Sadly, the idea of marriage takes a backseat to many other issues that young adults face in everyday life.

Another finding was that young adults do not put the same value into marriage as there was in the past. Young adults claimed to have priorities that they felt were more important and others simply said that they have yet to find what they are truly looking for in a spouse.


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