Seven High School Girls End Up Pregnant After A School Trip


(PCM) The parents of seven Bosnian high school girls are furious after their daughters returned home from a school trip to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo and it was discovered that they are all pregnant at the same time.

The girls range in age from 13 to 15 years old and it was determined that they all conceived at some point during the five day school trip.  It appears that these students were definitely exploring more than just museums during the trip that was supposed to be for education purposes so that they could visit some of the various historical sites in the area.

The students parents are demanding answers from school officials as to why teachers and chaperons were not keeping a better eye on and supervising the girls during the trip.

However, many people are also questioning the parents role in teaching their children about sexual education, as it seems these students were not properly taught the lessons of safe sex .

According to several sources there is a growing trend of underage pregnancies in Bosnia therefore, others are claiming that it is both the school and the parents responsibility to work together at teaching the children effective sex education.

The issue in this story is definitely stirring up a lot of controversy around the world as many are debating just who exactly is responsible for the students actions. What do you think? Should the school or the parents be held accountable?


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