Parents Angered After Children Are Given A Fifty Shades Of Grey Themed Puzzle

50shades(PCM) Many parents are outraged after their children were given a “Fifty Shades of Grey” based word search puzzle to complete as they were serving an in-school suspension.

The puzzle, given to middle-school students in Monessen, Pennsylvania, was said to contain the terms “spanking”, “submissive”, “leather cuffs” and of course “bondage”.

Parents attended a school board meeting earlier this week to voice their complaints. One parent claims that they made an attempt to speak with the school principal about the incident, but the principal refused to speak when he knew the conversation was going to be recorded.

A spokesperson for the school says that the word-search puzzles were taken away from the students as soon as someone realized what had occurred. No word about why the puzzles were handed out to the students in the first place or just how they even ended up at the school in the first place.

The parents found out about the puzzle incident when one student brought the puzzle home and showed it to his father.

The film “Fifty Shades of Grey” is set to open in theaters across the country on Valentine’s Day and is expected to gross over $60 million throughout opening weekend.

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