High School Student Sent Home For Wearing “Inappropriate Attire”


(PCM) Recently, a Kentucky high school student was sent home from school for an absolutely ridiculous dress code violation. She posted images of her so-called inappropriate outfit on Reddit and they have since gone viral.

The student was told by her school principal to cover up her exposed collar bone, as it was distracting to the male students. The student contacted her mother, who came all the way to the school to deliver her daughter a scarf to put on so that she would not be sent home from school, however despite the fact that the scarf covered nearly all of her exposed neckline, she was still sent home for the violation.

Outraged over the ridiculousness of an exposed collarbone being a dress code violation, the mother and daughter launched an online petition to have Woodford County High’s eleven year old dress code policy updated and changed. You can show your support and sign the petition here!

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