‘Naked Restaurant’ In Japan Releases Quite A Controversial Set Of Rules!


(PCM) Apparently, ‘naked restaurants’ are now a thing! To us, the thought of chowing down our dinner au naturel in a public restaurant is quite unappetizing, but hey, to each their own. One particular ‘naked restaurant’ that has opened up in Japan called The Amrita, has revealed their set of somewhat controversial rules for entering the establishment and if you are overweight or over the age of 60, don’t even bother trying to enter.

While there are other ‘naked restaurants’ in both Australia and London, the Amrita in Japan is the first to create rules for their customers based upon size and appearance. The website for the restaurant states that if you appear to be overweight, your weight will be verified on-site and you will be turned away. Also, you will lose your reservation and your ticket price will not be refunded, so (in hilariously translated English) they urge patrons to “be careful”.


Here are a few more of their ridiculously detailed rules below:

  1. There is a strict age limit. Only patrons between the ages of 18 and 60 will be allowed to enter
  2. No tattoos of any kind
  3. No talking to or touching the bodies of other patrons
  4. And obviously, no cellphone use or photography is permitted
  5. You must wear a provided paper diaper


Even though the restaurant is recieving quite a bit of backlash and ridicule for their controversial rules, they are still incredibly confident that patrons will have an enjoyable dining experience. They will be featuring an all-nude male review featuring “the best of the best American and European male models.”  Tickets for the show average approximate $748 and are already completely sold out.

Looks like people enjoy wearing a paper diaper while dining and watching an all-nude male review, who’d have thought?



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