Not Losing Weight? You Might Be a Victim of This

(PCM) One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to exercise is overcompensating when it comes to calorie burn. Gym-goers often overestimate the amount of calorie they burn in a given workout, which isn’t so hard to do with all those generous cardio machine readouts; in fact, studies show these calorie counters can be off by up to 40 percent!

Unfortunately, most people also underestimate the amount of calories they consume. Put the two together and you’re looking at a very frustrating situation! It’s easier than people realize to quickly eat back all the calories – if not more – that you just burned off (think about how easy it is to eat 300 calories than it is to burn it off).… Full Story

Tomatoes Linked to Lower Stroke Risk in Men

(PCM) According to a new study published in the journal Neurology, tomatoes lower a man’s risk of suffering a stroke – the third leading cause of death in America.

Researchers examined more than 1,000 men, ages 46 to 65, and found that those whose blood contained the highest levels of lycopene – the powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes – had 55 percent less chance of having a stroke. Participants were followed for 12 years, and while researchers also checked levels of the antioxidants alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, alpha-tocopherol and retinol, lycopene was the only antioxidant associated with a lower risk. The results held true even after adjusting for other risk factors like age, health, and smoking.… Full Story

Guilt-Free Pumpkin Pancakes

(PCM) Halloween is just around the corner, and chances are, you have some pumpkin on hand – canned, frozen, pureed, or whole and ready to gut!

Pumpkin is a staple in the fall; the minute the leaves start changing colors and it starts to get chilly outside, the pumpkin cravings hit. I stop making my own coffee at home and head straight to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks for those pumpkin lattes (but for a healthier option, try the new Coffee Mate Sugar Free Pumpkin Creamer). I put pumpkin in yogurt, breads, soup and stews…and even cottage cheese.

This weekend I tried a new recipe: Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes!… Full Story

Should You Throw Away Expired Medications?

(PCM) More often that not, people tend to play it safe when it comes to expired medications. Why risk taking something past the expiration date? It either won’t be effective, or worse, it could be dangerous, right? Well, not exactly.

A new laboratory analysis of eight prescription drugs that expired between 28 and 40 years ago found that most of them have remained just as potent as the day they were made! The drugs tested included 14 different active ingredients, including aspirin, codeine, and hydrocodone. In 86% of cases, the amount of active ingredient present in the drugs was at least 90% of the amount indicated on the label, the study found.… Full Story

My Weight Loss Adventure day 72

It’s just seven o’clock in the morning and I only wrote yesterday’s column twelve hours ago. Nothing has happened in the time between except sleep and dreams and I am grateful for that. I woke up this morning with the same headache and this is not good as I have to go to work with it. Hopefully the new medications will kick in.

I have been complaining about being sick for the last few days, and I guess that’s not unusual. But the illness wasn’t the only thing going on. I was blessed quite a bit being able to finish this week’s math paper.… Full Story

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