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My Weight Loss Adventure Day 83

Running late again today due to doing math tests. This was the last part of my math class which I have been dreading for weeks. It is over now. I am awaiting my final grade which has to be a 70 or above. This is the second time I took this class and I needed all the help I could get. I still honestly don’t get most of it or why anyone thinks this stuff is worth knowing. I think there a lot of math issues that people struggle with all their lives and these are the things that should be put to the test in a math class for those who are not going into a math related field.

That is really all I have to say on the subject, except a thank you to my friend Walt, whom I could never have done this without.

I haven’t much else to say. The last couple of days have been very stressful but they are over now and the weekend has begun. I spent my morning cleaning and doing laundry. It feels really good to get the chores out of the way. I still have laundry to finish though. I hate doing laundry it seems it just is something that can never just be done. Even when you are doing it you are creating more. If Adam and Eve hadn’t bitten that fruit we could all be running around naked. That would be so much easier.

I am starting a new stress reliever. I remembered how much I loved doing puzzles so I have a couple as well as some puzzle glue. I am going to do them and then frame them. Two are Christmas Puzzles and therefore will make cool decorations when finished. When I get started on a puzzle my mind takes over and stomach shuts off. I don’t get hungry. I get absorbed in what I am doing. I have a couple of art projects I want to work on as well. I also like Lego models, but they are mostly too big, so once they are finished I don’t know what I would do with them. Still, I would love to build Hogwarts.

There really isn’t much else to say. Tomorrow, starts a new week, AND a new adventure something I wanted to part of my whole life begins tomorrow. I will clue you in on that on Monday.

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My Weight Loss Adventure Day 81

This is not a political column and it will never turn into one. In the upcoming presidential election, I have my idea of who should be president for the next four years and I am sure you do as well. The reason I am bringing the subject up is not to get you to vote for a certain candidate as that is none of my business. I do however encourage you to vote.

Will or does voting effect what we do in order to lose weight? I think I would argue that it does. The people that take political office make long running decisions that will affect our economy. What affects our economy will also affect what we buy and how much we spend and this can hamper weight loss. The price of fresh healthy food is determined on what the government does and that is ultimately the case.

Many of us need a shot in the arm of encouragement to know that we count and what we do matters. Right now you count and what you do matters. Your ability to vote is important. You may not think so, but your opinion on the matter does not change the fact. Voting tells you that you are an American with the ability to help make this country a better place. Sometimes the only way we can do this is to vote. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the change and to do something important. If you spend your time thinking that you don’t matter, the truth is every Election Day you matter.

I encourage you to study the candidates in the upcoming election and vote for whom you feel is the right man or woman for the job at hand. If you do this you will make an informed decision. Don’t go on looks or personality. Look at the track record of each person and make a decision that lines up with your conscience. And while you spend the time studying the individuals at hand you won’t be thinking about eating and therefore it’s another win, win situation.

There was a time when this country was run by political bosses and in some cases if you didn’t vote for whom they thought was best, you got into trouble. Those days are passed and now you can make a great decision and great contribution to where this country will go, locally, nationally and internationally. Make what you think and what you believe count and turn it in to action. The idea that “evil thrives when good men do nothing,” starts with the simple act of ignoring your opportunity to vote.

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My Weight Loss Adventure Day 80

Day 80! People have gone around the world in that amount of time. Today I want to take a look back at what has happened since I started this adventure with you and see how far I have come versus how far I have to go.

I have not in actuality lost that much weight. Though I make an attempt to do all that I have written in the last 80 days, I really back slide some times. There may be other issues involved here. I know I am not eating what I used to eat. I used to put a way and entire cake in an evening and I haven’t done that in 80 days. Also my breakfasts and lunch have been much smaller and much healthier. When it comes to work I used to buy stuff out of the vending machines every chance I got. I have done that twice in the last 80 days and only when I could not eat breakfast. In other words I got up late.

I will see the doctor this coming Thursday I will ask him what he thinks may be going on. Some of the medications I take may be part of the problem. In no way all of it, but part of it, I think so.

I took a second part time job for the holidays, and I am hoping that being on my feet doing retail and stocking shelves will burn some weight off. I think it will definitely be fun as I will be working at a great kid oriented store. I begin that adventure this Sunday.

All in all I have learned a lot about me and I know this is something I must continue to do. I know I will have to continue to watch and learn what situations will trigger my desire to over eat and to walk away from these times of stress. I also think there are more triggers than I am always willing to admit.

I think the learning part of the last 80 days as well as the self-discovery has made a good start. I am going to give my self an “A” as for the actual weight loss a “D” is probably fair. I did lose some but not as much as I thought I would or should. It may be time to try a different approach.

I will evaluate again on the one hundredth day. I hope you all stick with me as doing this with you along for the ride is a true joy.

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Big Bad Corn: A Mind Boggling Look at HFCS

(PCM) Did you know that corn is found in 3 out of 4 supermarket products? In fact, statistics say you’ll end up eating 37 pounds of corn this year alone!

What’s the big deal? Although corn hasn’t been declared as a direct cause of obesity or diabetes, there have been a number of studies suggesting a link between high fructose corn syrup and obesity, in addition to a variety of other health and environmental concerns.

See for yourself with this mind boggling graphic from Learn Stuff!

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My Weight Loss Adventure Day 76

We live in an easy age. The work that many of us do is done sitting down and the chores at home aren’t like they used to be. Power has made life very simple and far less healthy. We are about to enter the Holiday Season. There is a lot to stay away from with regards to food or to at least limit portions but there is also a good way to get some exercise over this busy time. Do the work.

Many of us have succumbed to the enticement of internet shopping for the holidays. Or giving gift cards. This year do the work. Go to the mall or better yet small specialty stores, like The Vine Christian Shoppe in Springfield PA. Choose gifts that reflect your feelings for the person you’re shopping for or choose something that reflects you’re relationship with that person. I recommend this for two reasons, the first you will be getting off your butt and moving and secondly you will help to keep the little guys in business. Most privately owned stores are being crushed by The Walmarts and Targets and Amazons. Don’t let this happen. In fact adapt a store. Find a small privately owned store and only buy the merchandise they sell from them. Support the small friendly stores or they will soon be a thing of the past.

We love specialty foods this time of year. Many of us have succumbed to getting these foods premade so we only have to warm them. This year roast bake and boil everything yourself. There is nothing to compare to a homemade sweet potato casserole or Carmel apples made in your kitchen for Halloween or even popcorn balls. These treats have all but disappeared and none are difficult, we just fell into doing things the easy way. Roast your own turkey and glaze your own ham. You will not only be surprised by how simple these things are, but also how much better they taste.

Shopping and cooking and decorating as well as wrapping and costuming all require energy. Energy used is calories burned. Limit the portions of what you eat and the holiday are a win win situation.

Also schedule yourself. Time is always an issue and it is also a gift so use your time wisely. Start now figuring out what you will do for all the upcoming holidays including Halloween. Make decisions about each project and decide when you will do the work. If you an arts and crafts type or person, go into the woods and collects pine cones and acorn and evergreen branches and form these simple free things into gifts. Collecting what you will use as well as the craftsmanship involved will expend energy and no one dislikes a handmade gift as these are given from the heart.

So this year let’s not look for an easy way out of the upcoming season. Instead let’s pour ourselves into it. It will be both healthy and wonderful.

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