My Christmas Journey, December 19, 2012

Advent is truly a journey. It is a journey of our hearts and our souls to the babe that was born at Christmas time. Do any of you remember a time when you were in love? I mean those first wonderful months when you find yourself getting to know a new person. You asked all kinds of questions and you found yourself revealing information about yourself that you never thought you would tell another person. This should be what Advent is for us.

When you love another person you want to know everything. Though it may embarrass the person you love, you cannot wait to see their baby pictures, photos of how they grew up, and hear their parents stories about them as a young person.These are things you actually hunger for.… Full Story

My Christmas Journey December 16, 2012

The Third Sunday of Advent

The traditional scripture for the third Sunday of Advent is John 1:19-28. In this story John the Baptist is approached by the Jewish leaders and asked to identify himself. John quickly tells them he is not the Christ, but a herald for the Christ. One is coming “whose sandals I (John) am not worthy to untie.” He tells them.

Two questions today. The first is, Are we heralds for Jesus? Do we tell people not only that he is coming back and is indeed already here, That He is a part of who we are. In fact that he made us who we are?… Full Story

My Christmas Journey, December 14, 2012

In the Christmas episode of Batman The Animated Series, done back in the 1990s, Dick Grayson asks Bruce Wayne why he had never seen It’s A Wonderful Life? Bruce’s reply was simply, “I could never get over the title.” Bruce’s reaction to the Frank Capra film is not unlike my own, but for different reasons. After all Bruce had watched his parents gunned down and as he became The Batman, was witness to all kinds of terrible crimes. Personally my issue was simple I didn’t like Jimmy Stewart all that much. By the time I first saw him in the 1960s he was kind of a parody of himself and I just wasn’t impressed.… Full Story

My Christmas Journey, December 13, 2012

This blog was started with the idea of helping each of us find what Christmas really is. In writing this blog for the two weeks my faith has been reignited and the joy of the season, it’s beauty and it’s peace has walked with me every step of the way. I have begun to feel about Christmas the way I used to feel when I was much younger this blog has been gift.

What Christmas movies can you name off the top of your head or TV specials. Let’s see what I have: A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge, White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Miracle On 34th Street, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, The Littlest Angel, The Homecoming, The Gathering, The Christmas Box, I could go on but I think you get the point.… Full Story

My Christmas Journey, December 12, 2012

Mystery Two:

Yesterday we discussed the mystery that surrounds Jesus’ Birth, but in many ways we only scratched surface of that particular topic.

There are so many more. We know very little about Mary and Joseph and yet here were two people that were given the incredible job of caring for The Messiah. Exactly who were they, what were their character traits, besides the important fact that they needed to be part of the Family of David, why them? There are more questions than answers regarding this couple. We know what they did and this is good, but there is so much more we can never know this side of heaven.… Full Story

My Christmas Journey, December 11, 2012

I love mysteries. I truly can’t seem to get enough of them. My friend Lorraine and I both seem to devour most of what the BBC network has in mystery entertainment. She more than I, and I can’t get enough mystery novels, the more clever the better. Give me a mystery, anything from Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie and I am hooked. There is a need to figure out the solution. If I’m lucky before the screen writer or novelist reveals the truth.

The love of mystery has made some profound differences in my character. I am more observant than most people and I really can’t understand how people can miss some of the things that I see what right in front of me.… Full Story

My Christmas Journey December 9, 2012

The scripture for the second Sunday of Advent is Matthew 11:2-10. I am going to allow you to look up the verses read them and meditate on them. Today I want to talk to you about light.

I was out very late last night. This is something that very rarely do mainly because if I go to bed after midnight I never get the right type of sleep and the next day I end up well…sick. But last I was celebrating with good friends and the way I feel today is worth it as I was able to receive the love offered me.… Full Story

My Christmas Journey, December 07, 2012

I have been thinking of this phrase from Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol (Christmas) “is a time of year when want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices.” When was the last time our abundance has rejoiced. What I am trying to say is when was the last time we gave out of all that we have.

Last night I was watching a television program and a commercial came on where someone took a hammer and destroyed a bunch of fresh watermelons. I got really angry. Are we that self-centered that we can take food and just destroy it to sell something when we know there are people out on the streets that are starving.… Full Story

My Christmas Journey December 2, 2012

The First Sunday of Advent

We 21st century people mark the beginning of advent as December 1st, but it is not strictly true and I think it is for the convenience of our modern day Advent Calendars that can be made easily with a 24 day grid. The truth of the matter is that traditionally the 1st day of Advent begins on the first Sunday of Advent and so can be earlier in November or later in December Depending on which day of the week December the 25th falls.

Advent, according to the book C is For Christmas is defined as “coming”, and what do we do when we know something is Coming?… Full Story

My Christmas Journey December 1, 2012

Christmas! The very word can brings forth memories of joys and sadness as well as hope and dread. We think of the sound of bells the singing of choirs or the smells and sights of foods that only seem to arrive this time of year. We also remember those that have passed away and what they meant to our lives and the business of getting all the things ready for the great day itself. The shopping the wrapping the baking and cooking and decorating all have to be done in a timely and efficient but more often a chaotic manner.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and it always has been.… Full Story

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