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What McDonald’s French Fries Are Really Made Of


(PCM) There has been much speculation over the years at to exactly what McDonald’s french fries actually consist of, many were even curious if they were even made with potatoes at all.

Now McDonald’s has finally revealed just what goes into their french fry creation process and just how they come to get that lovely, yet unnatural golden color.

The list of ingredients that is featured in the video is definitely a little unnerving, however McDonald’s stands by their claim that everything is perfectly safe for consumption.  I am not too sure what Dimethylpolysiloxane or TBHQ actually is, but apparently they are chemicals the fries are dipped in so that they maintain their color and do not gray in the freezing process.

At least the video that shows the McDonald’s french fry creation process does happen to end with the guy actually digging up a potato, finally putting the rumor to rest that there are not actual potatoes in McDonald’s fries.

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Do You Want Crack With That? McDonalds Drugs Busted

McLovin McDrugs(PCM) Move over McLovin’, now there is McCrackin’.

In an upscale suburb of Philadelphia, PA a McDonalds employee wasn’t just asking if you want fries with your meal. But customers apparently were still “lovin it”.

Allen Trammell has been arrested by Radnor Police at the Mainline McDonalds holding 57 bags of crack cocaine. The police describe Trammell as a street level dealer that made his sales by word-of-mouth selling dime bags of crack.

Earning an estimated $1,500 a week, Trammell clearly didn’t need to work at McDonalds if for no other reason than to use it as location to be found.

Trammell Accused of Selling  Crack Cocaine at McDonalds
Trammell Accused of Selling Crack Cocaine at McDonalds

To catch Trammell, police set up a sting operation starting back in June making four buys from Trammell. In the end Trammell was arrested in the McDonalds parking lot.

In fairness to McDonalds, Trammell didn’t work the drive through. The Radnor police do have a sense of humor on the subject. Lieutenant Andy Block is quoted, “When not working as a crew and preparing food, he was out in the rear parking log selling crack cocaine. So in a sense, it can give you a new definition of what may be considered a happy meal.”

Trammel doe have two previous drug convictions dating back to 2005 and even served prison time for his actions.

McDonalds is now becoming synonymous with drive through drugs.  Similar incidents have taken place in the past.

  • 2009 – Pittsburgh PA – Heroin
  • 2010 – Floresville TX – Pot
  • 2013 – Mequon WI – Money laundering for Drugs
  • 2014 – Pittsburgh PA – Heroin
  • 2014 – Philadelphia PA – Crack Cocaine

The local McDonalds had the same response provided when a Pittsburgh McDonalds experienced a similar incident in 2009. “No comment.”

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Why Does Fast Food Never Look The Same As Its’ Advertised?


(PCM) Have you ever taken the time to notice that when you grab some quick food to go at your favorite fast food spot it never quite looks the same as it does in those appetizing and enticing photos you see in the advertisements?

Well, a man by the name of Greg Benson of Mediocre Films decided to do a fun little social experiment and put several fast food retailers to the test of making their food resemble that which is shown in their advertisements.

Benson visited McDonald’s, Burger Kings, Wendy’s and Jack In The Box and placed a simple order at each restaurant. He then compared what the food order he received looked like against that which was shown in that particular restaurants advertisements.

Nearly all of his initial orders were no where even close to appearing how they appeared in the advertisements, so Benson goes up to the counter and requests that his food be remade to appear more like the food in the advertisements. All of the restaurants complied with his request and the second time his food arrived they all did a much, much better job and the food more closely resembling what appears in the ads.

Benson’s video experiment has received over 4 million views on YouTube since it has been posted and we are sure it is going to have people everywhere taking a second look at the food they are receiving from many of these fast food establishments.  The results of the video really make us question why someone has seriously not looked into this before now. Something tells us fast food restaurant complaint lines are going to be rather busy in the near future.

Check out the video below:

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McDonald’s Employee Fired For Buying Firefighers Breakfast

McDonalds1(PCM) Twenty-three year old former morning manager of the McDonald’s store in Olean, NY, Heather Levia, has been fired from her position after she purchased breakfast for a group of firefighters from her community.

Levia was aware that the particular group of firefighters had been battling a blaze in sub-zero temperatures overnight and as a way to show her appreciation for their efforts, she took $83 of her own money, not the stores, and decided to buy them breakfast which consisted of 25 breakfast sandwiches and hash browns.

After the first group of firefighters had finished up, another group of firefighters showed up and ordered approximately $70 worth of food. Levia claims that she was under the impression that all first responders could be issued a free meal from time to time, however when she texted her manager to ask for approval to comp the food he told her no.

Levia then contacted McDonald’s corporate headquarters and was again told that they would not be able to comp the firefighters meals. After being turned down by both her manager and the corporate headquarters, she and her co-workers pulled together and purchased the additional breakfast meals out of their own pockets.

Once the firefighters discovered that Levia had paid for their meals out of her own pocket many were under the impression that the store had forced her to pick up their tab. They made several calls to complain that the situation was totally unfair to Levia.

When Levia returned to work for her next shift, she was told by her manager that she had “opened a bees nest” and was then fired with the reason being cited that she swore at her manager. Levia denies the swearing occurred and claimed she only said “This is freaking ridiculous”.

The firefighters are shocked by the amount of attention this situation is receiving and never expected Levia to pay for their meals, something they are truly grateful for, but are saddened to learn she lost her job over the entire ordeal.  Levia has since received multiple job offers as this story continues to generate buzz.

The owner of the McDonald’s in Olean issued the following statement:

The Meyers Organization has always valued the employees who serve our customers every day. We likewise continue to be an ardent supporter of our police and fire departments, along with other first responders. They are always welcome in our restaurants, and we will continue to support them in the future.

We are aware that certain allegations have been made concerning the reasons for Heather Levia’s termination. Out of respect for Ms. Levia and her privacy, it would not be appropriate to comment in detail on the reasons she is no longer employed by our organization. Still, it should be pointed out that the allegations are absolutely not true. We would never penalize an employee for showing appropriate gratitude for the work of our firefighters.

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McDonalds To Post Calories For ALL ITEMS on Drive Thru, Menu Boards

(PCM) McDonald’s has revealed a shocking new addition coming to all menu boards and drive-thru menus across the country: calorie counts. The move to help health-conscious customers, as well as inform the general public (who are often uniformed or just generally in denial about what they are consuming), comes as a bit of a surprise to the industry, but a hopeful surprise, nonetheless.

“It’s the right thing to do,” says Greg Watson, senior vice president of menu innovation for McDonald’s. “It’s what a leader would do.”

The hope is that industry rivals will feel the pressure and follow in the leading fast food restaurant’s footsteps. According to USA Today, McDonald’s was one of the first major chains to remove trans fat from its french fries. It was also among the first to put fruit into kids’ meals.

McDonald’s is also working on healthier options to add to its menu, including more seasonal fruit and veggie options, as well as an egg-white breakfast sandwich on a whole grain English muffin.

We’re lovin’ it!

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