Shayne Lamas Talks Motherhood, Married Life, & Losing the Baby Weight

Shayne Lamas – TV personality and daughter of famed actor Lorenzo Lamas – is leaving reality TV behind (for now!), as she takes on her new roles as a wife, mother, and businesswoman. Shayne and her husband, Nik Lamas-Richie ( welcomed their daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie last November, and the first time mom looks better than ever! She’s not showing any signs of slowing down, either. Shayne’s next venture is an FDA certified, organic skincare line that she’s launching this spring called Lamas Organic.

Shayne opened up about motherhood, married life, her new skincare line, and of course, how she got her body back in such amazing shape! Hint: A chore a day keeps the cellulite away!

Who does their three-year-old take after most? She says she sees both herself and her husband in their daughter, Press Dahl. She reveals:

“Press is a really old soul. She’s just with it, she knows what’s going on. She’s three months old and she’s just excelling in so many different things. She’s just far from a baby let’s say!

She’s a lot like my husband when she’s hungry. My goodness, when she’s hungry, forget about it. She’ll let you know.

 And she’s a lot like me in the attitude and the confidence way. She really owns a room. She’s social, she likes everybody, and that’s the thing with a baby – usually they cry when they go with somebody else. She loves being social it’s so adorable. I’m seeing a lot of the same traits that are going to be in her which I think is wonderful, but some of the things I hold my breath on.”

What surprised her about motherhood:

“The lifestyle change. I obviously realized that having a child was going to change [my] life, but I don’t know, I just thought ‘Okay I’ll have the baby and everything will get back to normal. We’ll just work around and it.’ But no, it’s just so not like that. Your life is completely changed forever and it’s almost like you have to find who you are again after being a mother. You have to find the balance, which is a given, and that’s really hard for me. I’m just trying to find a balance right now. It’s been three months and it seems like every day it’s like, a working mom…forget about it, I’m trying to find a showering mom!

I tried out the nanny thing. I’m like okay I need to kind of get back to work here and figure out who I am. I’m married; I’m a wife; I’m a mom now; now who is Shayne? I’ve had all these little projects that have been dreams of mine that just never really got finished, just these things I had passion for.  And I decided I wanted to get back to doing the things that make me tick and fill my soul, and I’m finding it’s really, really difficult to even send an email!

So I did hire a nanny but she lasted about 4 weeks because my mother-in-law just did not have it. So now I see my mother in law every day and I’ll probably end up hiring another one. She was really difficult those weeks that I had a nanny and told me that I had to fire her! She’s Persian, so in her culture it’s like ‘We take care of our family, we don’t ever hire outsiders’, but I’m from LA, and it’s not normal if you don’t have a nanny!…But other than that everyone’s happy and healthy so I don’t have anything to complain about!”

On losing the baby weight:

“After you have a baby, it’s just you. The baby is out and you’re just looking at yourself in the mirror and you’re like ‘Oh my gosh’.  I’m 26 years old and I was just looking at my boobs and my legs and you know when the babies in you you’re like ‘this is for the baby; the baby needs all this’, so it’s okay and you can accept yourself when you look in the mirror. But once she was out, I had to just put my mind to it, put my Nikes on, and just do a really strict diet plan for 3 weeks straight.  I mean really, really strict.  Wake up and run – it was all about the cardio because when you gain weight the first thing you need to do before lifting weights and doing anything training-wise is you need to just get your cardio going and just drop the fat. And that’s what I did, and breast feeding really helped. It was a really strict diet plan that I followed and now it’s just busy time. I don’t really have time to sit down and go to lunch or dinner or eat a lot, and we just moved so you just have to fill your life with a lot of stuff and keep yourself moving. Any normal person can be healthy and be fit if they just fill their days with activities and just keep moving. Sitting on the couch will not get you anywhere.

My old days just consisted of waking up doing the emails, going to a few meeting, going to yoga for two hours, maybe going to the gym… I mean seriously that is far in my past! Now it’s just running around. I try every day to do a house chore; that has really been my number one thing. Every day I try and block out one hour and I do a house chore that will burn calories, if it’s mopping the floor it’s like, ‘I don’t want to do that stuff but I don’t want to go to the gym either!’ So you’re doing two things in one and when you’re done your like ‘wow I just burned 500 calories and I just power washed my garage!’ You just kind of have to get creative when you don’t have time to get in the car, go to the gym, come back, take a shower… I think women these days have to get creative with their fitness plan and try and find other ways to burn those calories.

My saying is: One chore a day will keep the cellulite away!”

Shayne and her husband Nik Lamas-Richie are going on their third year of marriage, and she says they are happier than ever, revealing:

My marriage has been surprising, shocking, amazing – everything that I would imagine marriage is – and hard at times. We got pregnant unexpectedly and he was great with that. And now we have a baby and everything is settling down, but we really are best friends. We love each other. We never once said the “D” word in our household nor would we; I think that we both just have an understanding. We have an old faith in marriage – I know my family doesn’t but I sure do. You know, you’re married – you’re married and you work it out, you figure it out. You have a sister; you can’t divorce your sister! I look at it like that. I don’t have an option when I fight with my sister. We fight, okay, but we have to make up – she’s my sister, she’s going to be my sister for the rest of my life. I think when you get married that’s the bond that you create, so we are doing awesome. You won’t hear of a divorce story coming from our family, I promise you that.

On her new organic skin care line:

“I know when you say organic, it sounds so trendy…and I kind of tend not to follow trends, but over the last two years started researching beauty projects because I was starting to see wrinkles and the older I get the more products that are under my cupboard! I was just always in search of the best face cream and the best face wash, and finally I was like ‘I’m going to figure this out!’ So this last year I was like I’m just going to try and make a face line for myself, for what I want, not to sell, not to this or that. I found a wonderful company who shared my vision and we created a face wash, toner, healing facial oil, baby bum butter and a stretch mark cream, and they’re all in black glass bottles for the beauty of it. If the bottle is beautiful it’ll stay on my vanity, if the container is not cute if goes under the sink with all my other products!

 I think everybody is becoming more and more aware of what is in our products, and why we are all getting cancer…So I needed to make something for my baby and it’s amazing what it does for her! It’s all organic. I’m USDA approved, organic, 100%. So every single thing in my product is organic and I pride myself on that. It was really hard to get that and it was really expensive, but it’s so worth it. I said if I’m going to put my name on it and actually sell it, everything has got to be organic. You know, I’m not really a big seller.  I’m almost like look, this is what I use, I did my research, I created this. It’s amazing. If you want to try it, try it; you’ll see for yourself!”

For more information on her skincare line, visit

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