Rebecca Romijn’s Recipes for a Happy Life

Rebecca Romijn always seems to have a smile on her face, and in a new interview with Health Magazine, she reveals her secrets to a happy, healthy life. Sure, it probably doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful and famous, but she does offer good tips that we can all benefit from!

Rebecca Romijn’s 6 Tips for a Happy Life:

Splurge a little
“I’m really not about deprivation. If I want a piece of pie, I mean, come on—you have to enjoy life! Especially if you have kids. I usually keep Sunday for whatever-you-want-to-eat day.”

Work out
“Especially cardio and yoga. It’s a big part of my recipe for happiness.”

Dance it off
“My mom used that as a tool to work herself out of a bad mood. I remember dancing around the house to ‘We Are Family.’ I’m introducing the girls to the Beatles and Stevie Wonder. We have a little disco ball in our living room; we love our dance parties.”

Live like you’re on vacation
“The Hotel Costes in Paris is the best-smelling hotel. So I just bought their candles. But I have to wait until Jerry is not in the house, because he has a fear of fire—anytime he sees a candle burning in our house, he blows it out! I’m always lighting them, and he’s always blowing them out.”

Park it in a sunny spot
“My dad, in his adorable Dutch accent, has always said, ‘Sometimes you just have to sit and stare at your belly button.’ I think it’s an important part of everybody’s day. Park it! It’s very calming. I do it in a sunny spot. And usually one or more of the two dogs and two cats wants to sit there with me!”

Don’t forget sex
“That’s all I’m gonna say!”

photo courtesy Fitness

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