Are Your Shoes Sabatoging Your Job Interviews?

Believe it or not, what you wear on your feet can make or break a job interview, just as what you wear on top can (those wide-legged trousers aren’t hiding a thing!). If you want to nail an interview, there are certain types of shoes you may want to slip on, and a few you’ll want to avoid.

A recent survey in Woman’s World found that 70 percent of all employers look at an applicant’s choice of footwear first, believing it gives them a cue to their personality. In general, the executives said a closed-toe shoe with a shorter heel made them think more highly of a candidate, whereas sandals and overly high heels actually lowered their opinion!

Keep your heels below 3 inches – no platforms or 5 inch stilettos! You wouldn’t wear a miniskirt to a job interview, so don’t ruin your look with a pair of shoes suitable for a night out on the town…or a day at beach…or the gym. It’s a tough market out there; don’t let your shoes sabotage your chances of finally landing a job.

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