My Weight Loss Adventure Day 10

Wow, I can’t believe this is the tenth day, time really does fly. Yesterday’s food intake went well. I had my regular breakfast and lunch, but I did go to Chik-Fil-A for dinner. Out of the all the fast food restaurants out there, I allow Chik-Fil-A to remain. The reason is pretty simple: All the other fast food places are within a couple of blocks of where I live. Chik-Fil-A, however, is a couple of miles away, and for me, that is simply too far to go on a regular basis. Therefore I won’t go often, only as an occasional treat, or in a situation where it is the most convenient. Last night, for example, I had to work late, followed by a doctor’s appointment, there was no time for dinner and Chik-Fil-A was on the way home, so I went there. My next step in the fast food campaign will begin to order the healthier choices that Chik-Fil-A has.

Picture it, five o’clock this morning I wake up suddenly. The room is dark and silent except for the white noise I use to sleep by. I lay there wide awake and IT begins. The dreaded panic attack. I don’t know if any of you suffer from these, but they are really frightening and can last quite a while. Before, I was diagnosed I had one that lasted a week. The feeling is not emotional but physical. I feel as if I cannot fill my lungs with air. I had acting lessons when I was a teenager and was taught how to breathe, but I just can’t get the air to fill my lungs during this time.

A doctor explained to me, that a panic attack occurs when your body goes, by itself, and for no reason, into a fight or flight mode. Your pulse quickens and you begin to take in oxygen for action. Since there is no threat to overcome the body doesn’t know when to relax and I end up with short breaths, being unable to fill my lungs. Now, this is my understanding of how panic attacks work, so if any one sees some technical difficulties here, feel free to contact me or comment on this column.

I am actually medicated for these but for some reason the meds don’t always work and this morning fell into that category. It took two hours for the attack to pass. Normally this would be an excuse to eat what I want. After all I just got through a bad time, but that would be completely the wrong reinforcement, because it would keep in place the idea that hard times equal a good time to eat what I want. So today I choose to be thankful that the attack didn’t last as long as usual, and I am grateful that I can get on with my day.

I hope you all have a peaceful day.

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