My Weight Loss Adventure Day 79

Let’s discuss practical exercise. I stated last week that we really have become reliant on power. By power I mean electric and gas. There seems to be more and more ways for labor saving devices to help us get thru our days. In fact some labor saving devices have eliminated certain jobs almost altogether, which has put people out of work.

It would be good to slow down or stop using labor saving devices all together. The reason for is the same as last week. Energy used is calories burned. Even people who hate the idea of formal exercise can make these changes.

Do you have an e mail to send to a co-worker who is just down the hall? If it’s short, walk it down and tell him or her. If it’s long, type it, print it and walk it down. Don’t use the elevator. And park as far away from your work place as possible. These simple things can give you the chance to get off you behind and move as well as a chance to interact with the people you work with strengthening body mind and spirit.

At home, wash your dishes by hand. Spend a little time every day running the vacuum cleaner, and avoid prepared foods. Do more the long way instead of the short cuts that you have been taking and you can build some exercise into your life.

Sometimes it’s the little choices we make that help us along the most. Choose to do some things the harder way. Choose to stop doing the things that can hurt you or at least hamper you from your goals. Make a plan and stick to it. Most people have a formal budget or a financial plan to deal well with their money. You need to do the same thing with diet and exercise. Choose to spend your time as wisely as your money. If you have trouble with both seek outside help.

Today’s challenge is simple, “Take the long road.”

Did I mention walk the dog yourself?

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