My Weight Loss Adventure Day 80

Day 80! People have gone around the world in that amount of time. Today I want to take a look back at what has happened since I started this adventure with you and see how far I have come versus how far I have to go.

I have not in actuality lost that much weight. Though I make an attempt to do all that I have written in the last 80 days, I really back slide some times. There may be other issues involved here. I know I am not eating what I used to eat. I used to put a way and entire cake in an evening and I haven’t done that in 80 days. Also my breakfasts and lunch have been much smaller and much healthier. When it comes to work I used to buy stuff out of the vending machines every chance I got. I have done that twice in the last 80 days and only when I could not eat breakfast. In other words I got up late.

I will see the doctor this coming Thursday I will ask him what he thinks may be going on. Some of the medications I take may be part of the problem. In no way all of it, but part of it, I think so.

I took a second part time job for the holidays, and I am hoping that being on my feet doing retail and stocking shelves will burn some weight off. I think it will definitely be fun as I will be working at a great kid oriented store. I begin that adventure this Sunday.

All in all I have learned a lot about me and I know this is something I must continue to do. I know I will have to continue to watch and learn what situations will trigger my desire to over eat and to walk away from these times of stress. I also think there are more triggers than I am always willing to admit.

I think the learning part of the last 80 days as well as the self-discovery has made a good start. I am going to give my self an “A” as for the actual weight loss a “D” is probably fair. I did lose some but not as much as I thought I would or should. It may be time to try a different approach.

I will evaluate again on the one hundredth day. I hope you all stick with me as doing this with you along for the ride is a true joy.

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