Valentine’s Day Message In The Snow

Valentine2(PCM) In Aurora, Illinois, 29-year-old, Tyler Morrick, shuffled his feet back and forth in the snow for over four hours to write ‘I love you. Will you be my Valentine?’ in a message about 250 feet tall and 150 feet wide, a very unique Valentine’s Day message in the snow.

His fiance, ¬†Rachel Maschmeier, 27 cried the next morning (as expected, I suppose) when Morrick unveiled the surprise, after he got a neighbor to watch the couple’s 18-month-old daughter, Kaleigh.

‘She had no clue what was going on. She thought I crashed the car or something,’ he said.¬†

‘I told her “I snuck out of the house without you knowing and I did something that I’ll never regret for the rest of my life.”‘

That sneaking out happened at 1:00 AM and he didn’t finish until around dawn.

‘I didn’t have thick enough socks on and I was in an incredible amount of pain, but all I was thinking about was our relationship and I wasn’t going to stop until it was finished.’ he said.Valentine

TYler said he hadn’t planned the snowy Valentine’s Day letter in advance. He said he was about to fall asleep when he ‘randomly got up, got dressed and went outside.’

‘I had zero preparation. I had no thought of how long it was going to take or how I was going to do it,’ he said.


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