News Crew Robbed During Story About “Sketchy” Neighborhoods


(PCM) Talk about irony! A news crew in Washingon D.C. were actually robbed while they were doing a news report about an phone app that can pin point so-called “sketchy” neighborhoods.

The news crew members claim that they had locked all of the doors to the news van when they were parked in an area that the app had considered to be “sketchy”. While the crew and reporter were out conducting interviews with residents in the neighborhood, the van was burglarized and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen.

It was when the crew returned to the news van that they noticed that the burglary had taken places. The culprits made off with gear that included electronic devices and cameras.

One of the news crew members said that they were talking to several residents in the Petworth neighborhood, one which the app declared to be “sketchy” and most of the residents told them it was a good neighborhood and not very much activity happens there. The irony is that while the crew was being told what a good neighborhood it was, their van was being robbed at the very same moment.

In a lucky break for the news crew, one of the stolen van items was a purse, which contained a cell phone. Using the “find my phone” app, they were able to located the phone and few of the other crew members belongings in some nearby dumpsters. No one from the news crew was harmed and returned to the station safely.

Authorities are still investigating the incident and so far no arrests have been made.

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