Parents Turn In 13 Year Old Daughter For Sexting


(PCM) The parents of a 13 year old teenager daughter in Dinwiddie County, Virigina have turned her into the local area authorities for sexting after discovering nude photos of not only their daughter but other children on both her cellphone and tablet.

The parents claim that their goal in turning their daughter in to the authorities is to protect her from authorities, however if charged with distributing the photos, she could be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

The girl’s mother discovered a series of lewd and overtly sexual texts between her daughter and some much older teen boys, one of which did solicit her daughter for sex. The girl was both sending and receiving nude images to her phone and tablet.


The older teen boys could face felony charges if convicted and the girls parents are still standing by their decision to turn their daughter in, as the feel the photos and conversations were completely inappropriate for someone her age and they feel without stepping in now things could only get worse in the future.

Do you feel that the girls parents made the right step by turning their 13 year old daughter over to the police or do you feel it should have been handled without involving the authorities?

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