A Short Story About Long Breasts

breast-complaint(PCM)  Some things should be said.

Some things probably shouldn’t be said.

Sometimes it’s both.

Imagine going through life seeming absolutely normal on the outside. Decent figure, happy, attractive. That woman probably has some really nice breasts considering how ample they are. Wouldn’t it be great if this was the case for all women? To have perky breasts? To be able to slip out without a bra going unnoticed?

For a majority of women they don’t have to worry about these kinds of things, but for other women it’s all they can think about sometimes. I’m hungry, but I hear someone in the kitchen so I’ll have to put on my tight bra.

Have I mentioned how uncomfortable it is to have long breasts? If you’re short then your nipples will greet every surface (and you thought putting on damp socks was a weird feeling). My breasts don’t even jiggle without a bra–they sway.

I am constantly rotating my breasts to try to get them comfortable because they’re practically plastered to my stomach. How am I supposed to search for lumps when I need a forklift to raise my breasts?

You’d think having large breasts would be nice, but you’re wrong. I constantly have backaches. I feel like I’m constantly slouching–and I probably am because these sacks just weigh me down. The only way I’ll have decent posture is if I put on the boob lift.

If I had known as a little girl that long breasts weren’t normal, that they’re supposed to be a little perky naturally, I would have sat up more. I would have sat in more stools. Now I don’t even think losing weight would give me that lift.

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