Attention Bacon Lovers! Little Caesars Is Now Offering A Bacon Wrapped Pizza

LittleC(PCM) Bacon has certainly soared in popularity over the years and has become a treat that many people will add to just about any food imaginable.

Bacon enthusiasts will now be thrilled to learn that Little Caesars is now introducing a bacon wrapped pizza.  The new pizza will only be offered for a limited time beginning on February 23rd at is being called The Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza.

Little Caesars says that each pizza’s crust will be wrapped in approximately 3.5 feet of bacon and promises that “every time you take a bite out of crust you will get bacon”.

The new bacon wrapped pizza will sell for $12 a pie making it one of the more expensive items on Little Ceasars current menu.

It seems like every fast-food restaurant is coming up with some kind of bacon promotion or food creation, many are even beginning to offer bacon topped desserts.

Will you try Little Caesars new bacon-wrapped pizza? If you do, let us know what you think!

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