Barber Offers Embarrassing Haircuts For Naughty Children


(PCM) Russell Frederick, a barber from Atlanta, Georgia has found a way to get the local children to start behaving. His barber shop is currently offering free haircuts to children that misbehave, but not just any haircuts, really embarrassing haircuts.

The haircuts are aptly referred to as the “Benjamin Button Special” or the “George Jefferson” or “Old Man” style cuts.  Frederick has received both positive and negative feedback in regards to the haircuts with some people saying it is emotional abuse for the children, while others applaud his creative approach to child behavior management.

Frederick says that he gave the haircut to his 12-year old son last year and saw immediate results with his behavior.  A local mother also brought her 10-year old son in for the haircut as well.

Despite the criticism, Frederick has no plans on stopping the haircuts and will continue to offer them as an alternative punishments for parents looking for answers to behavioral issues.

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