Could Reading To Your Children Before Bedtime Be Considered Unfair?


(PCM) Why must people feel the need to pick apart everything, even a time honored tradition such as parents reading to their children before bedtime. A new idea has been shared on The ABC by a philosopher who feels that parents reading to their children before bedtime gives them an unfair advantage over less fortunate children.

The website questions whether or not having a loving family gives those children more advantage over those that come from less fortunate or broken homes. According to The ABC,  evidence reveals that there are major life differences between children who receive bedtime stories and those that don’t and that it might be possible to “level the playing field” by a cessation of bedtime reading to children.

The article calls for parents to be more mindful of the advantage that bedtime reading provides for the children and keep in their minds while practicing the tradition that there may be others less fortunate.

We can’t believe that anyone would be taking this seriously, as we truly need to be focusing on providing a loving and nurturing home environment for all children, as well as, encouraging all parents to read to their children before bed!

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