Dangerous Duct Tape Challenge Trend Lands Teens In The Hospital


(PCM) Yet another rather dangerous trend has been picking up steam via social media and has already landed at least one teen in the hospital as a result. The Duct Tape Challenge is a new game in which young adults and teen are wrapping someone very tightly in duct tape and then filming how quickly they are able to escape.

One Washington teen named Skylar Fish recently participated in the challenge and is now in the hospital fighting for his life. His friends wrapped him in duct tape and when he was trying to make his escape he lost his balance and slammed his head into a window, causing a brain aneurysm, severe head injuries, and damage to his left eye socket.

This is just the beginning of what type of injuries can possibly occur with these dangerous challenges, however more and more videos are popping up on Youtube and other social media accounts as everyone is trying to obtain their 15 minutes of internet fame. The videos are receiving millions of views, so parents please talk to your teens about not following the herd and hopefully not giving this silly challenge a try.

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