Haven’t You Always Dreamed About Your Own Personal Butter Sprayer?


(PCM) Seriously, who hasn’t had a dream about the invention of a personal, heated butter sprayer? That dream is now a reality thanks to the odd, yet rather useful, new product for Biem. The company has created a new product made of stainless steel with a smudge-proof silicone grip that heats up butter you insert yourself and then sprays it onto whatever food or object your choose.

Thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the Biem butter sprayer to life, the product is now available for purchase. Founder Doug Foreman says “Thanks to recent studies, butter is making its way back into peoples lives. In fact: Butter consumption in the U.S. has hit a 40-year high. Unfortunately, the way butter is served hasn’t changed in decades…so we thought: what if we could re-imagine the way people store and use butter?”

The useful possibilities for this product are endless! Gone are the days of waiting for a stick of butter to warm up before it can be spread on food, because obviously this was a huge problem. The company has even hilariously turned their brand name into an actual action saying “you don’t spray butter onto your food … you Biem it”

There you have it folks, the wave of the future, our butter-loving lives will be forever changed!

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