Did You Know You Can Purchase Raw Meat From A Vending Machine In France?


(PCM) We have heard of a lot of interesting objects that can be available for purchase in vending machines throughout the world, but raw meat is a new one, even for us! Residents of Paris now have the option to pick up raw meat such as sausages, steaks, and ham directly from a vending machine that has been set up in the city.

The area in which the vending machine is located has no shortage of local butcher shops and eateries, however the owners of L’ami Txulette, decided they still wanted to invest about $45,000 into setting up an outdoor vending machine in hopes of picking up sales on Sunday and Monday, the two days the physical store is closed, as well as, after hours sales for people looking to put together late night meals.

The meat is vacuum-sealed and of course the vending machine is refrigerated and customer have a choice of traditional delicatessen offerings including duck confit and beef carpaccio. The machine will take both cash or credit, however the products are prices about 20 euro cents higher than what they would cost in the traditional shop, but hey, you’ve got to pay for convenience right?

While baguette dispensing vending machines are wildly popular throughout France, the meat vending machines are still in the very early stages, however owners continue to remain hopeful that the trend will eventually begin to pick up steam.

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