Hi-C Ecto Cooler Is Back!


(PCM) Everyone’s favorite lime-green colored citrus beverage, Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler, has made it’s triumphant return to store shelves! The popular beverage which was sadly discontinued back in 2001, is making a comeback as a way to promote the upcoming new live-action “Ghostbusters” film which is due out later this summer.

The film will hit theaters on July 15 and Hi-C’s parent company Coca-Cola revealed, much to everyone’s delight, that they will be re-releasing Ecto-Cooler on May 30. The company claims that fans of the beverage have been clamoring for its’ return for years and they felt now was the perfect time to bring it back out to the masses.

Unfortunately, the new Ecto-Cooler will not come in the large metal cans that had to be punctured with a can opener, but rather it will only be available in six-ounce juice boxes and 11.5-ounce metal cans. The original Ecto Cooler box featured The Real Ghostbusters character Slimer, as did the commercials. Slimer left the box sometime around 1997 and the product was renamed Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen.

We are totally on our way out to grab some Ecto-Cooler and a taste of nostalgia right now, who’s with us? You can find out stock levels and where to purchase Hi-C’s Ecto-Cooler, here!

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