Guess What? Girl Scout Cookies Are Now For Breakfast!


(PCM) Talk about a dream come true! Take that mom and dad!  Girl Scout cookies are indeed a nutritious breakfast item … okay .. maybe not nutritious, but hey, it sounds good, right? General Mills has recently revealed that they will be releasing Girl Scout Cookie cereal in early 2017 … January to be exact!  A spokesperson from General Mills confirmed the release with Buzzfeed and if the rumors are true the cereal will come in two flavors: Thin Mint and Caramel Crunch.

Thin Mint is pretty self-explanatory, however Caramel Crunch is most likely going to be some version of the Samoa Girl Scout cookie variety. We are not so sure about Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies as a breakfast flavor, however we definitely think that Caramel Crunch sounds absolutely delightful!  The spokesperson from General Mills went on to tell Buzzfeed that they are trying to keep additional details about the cereal a mystery and say that they plan to release additional details closer to the actual release date of the cereal.

The announcement about the new Girl Scout cookie cereal comes just after Girl Scout’s announced that they will be introducing two new S’mores cookie flavors in 2017! Yum!

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