Are Personal Horoscope Readings Accurate Or A Scam?

(PCM) There are many believers in the mystical arts such as astrology, tarot, palm readings, etc, however are they actually accurate or do we just blindly accept what we want to hear? While there is no doubt that the stars were aligned in a very specific way when each and every one of us was born, does this really hold any actual power over certain aspects of our personality and our interpersonal relationships with others.

When looking up information in regards to our sun signs, which tells us which house of the 12 zodiac signs that the sun was placed in at the time of our birth, is said to have the most profound effect on our personalities and the way we relate to others. Each of the 12 zodiac signs are said to exhibit very different personality traits, and many feel that those based upon their particular sun signs are incredibly fitting to the way they see themselves.  But could we just be telling ourselves that because of what we have read online or in books? It is possible and here’s why!

Back in 1968, a researcher by the name of Michel Gauquelin, placed an ad in the newspaper offering up free personalized horoscope readings. Here’s the catch: Gauquelin wasn’t an astrologer at all, but he was , as a researcher, conducting an experiment to see how readily individuals accepted the information being presented to them in the form of a fake personalized horoscope reading. What Gauquelin did was send everyone the exact same data and then asked them to let him know how accurately it fit their lives.

To make it even more interesting the data that was sent out was the astrology chart of one of France’s worst mass murderers. Ironically, of the first 150 replies 94% found the reading to accurately fit their life; 90% found its accuracy confirmed by family and friends. Kind of scary if you think about it, right?

So could it be possible that we believe what we want to believe? We can definitely attest to the fact that there is definitely some similar personality traits shared among individuals born under the same sun sign, but could it all just be a strange coincidence, rather than planetary alignment having that large of an effect on our character. Astrologers will consistently shoot down the coincidence theory, but Gauquelin’s experiment certainly proved that people can be persuaded to agree with information presented to them, if they are tricked into believing it was done in a personalized way.

How much do you believe in astrology? Do you feel that you share similar personality traits with others born under your sun sign? Or do you think that astrology and personalized horoscopes are just a bunch of bunk? Let us know what you think!


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