Haven’t You Always Wanted To Wear A Big Mac?


(PCM) I think we have discovered the most bizarre fashion line ever created now that McDonald’s has revealed their line of wearable high fashion Big Macs.

At first we assumed this had to be some kind of joke, but trust us, it is absolutely legit. The new clothing and lifestyle line features everything from raincoats and thermals to bed sheets and wallpaper printed with a recurring image of a Big Mac sandwich on an all-white background. It is definitely a bit on the odd side.

The new line of products made their debut in Sweden last week and all profits with benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The items are currently not offered outside of Sweden at this time, but there are plans to open up the items to more countries soon. You can check out the clothing line here!

According to the NY Daily News, the new and somewhat strange items are part of McDonald’s new “imlovinit 24” campaign.   The campaign features 24-McDonald’s themed stunts that take place in 24 different cities around the globe in a 24 hour time period.

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