Intense VW Ad Brings The Dangers Of Texting And Driving To The Movies


(PCM) Distracted driving, especially when people are texting, is still an issue that has a huge effect on road safely all around the world. Here is the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ran an incredibly graphic ad aimed to urge young people to think about the dangers with texting and driving.

Now, overseas in Hong Kong, Volkswagon has put a location-based broadcaster to work to create a startling interactive ad experience to urge people to think twice about texting and driving that was shown in an area movie theater.

The location-based broadcaster was able to send out a mass text message to everyone in the theater all at the same time. When the mass text message was sent the theater audience were being shown a short film and you will have to check out the video below to see what happens!

The ad is certainly a fantastic way to grab everyone’s attention and we can hope that the message will hit home and people will think twice about using the phone behind the wheel. Just remember…it can wait!

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