Man Hilariously Lip-Sync’s 90’s Hits To His Sister During 7-Hour Road Trip


(PCM) In the latest viral video a brother and sister embark upon a 7-hour road trip from San Diego to San Jose during which the brother hilariously lip-sync’s to a plethora of nineties hits for the entire duration of the car trip.

Needless to say judging by the sisters reaction she was less than pleased by the impromptu serenading session. We don’t know which is funnier, the sister’s facial expressions or the brother’s lip-syncing skills.

Eventually, the sister finally gives in and decides to clap along with “Friends” theme song during the few miles of the journey which was filmed using time lapse. ┬áThe look on the brother’s face when she finally does join in is just priceless.

Check it out below for a good laugh:

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