Russia Plans To Install Park Benches That Double As A Scale


(PCM) We have enough problems with body image as it is now, however there are plans being put into to place is Moscow, Russia to install park benches that would act as a scale, weighing the individuals seated on them.

The idea is still in the proposal phase in Moscow, however a similar idea has already be implemented in the Netherlands with a bench that was installed at at public bus stop.

The proposed Moscow benches would be sponsored by gyms and fitness clubs (of course) in the area and the hope is that by the individual seeing their weight flash on the bench would seek out joining the gym or fitness club featured.

The digital panel featured on the bench would not only feature the individuals weight, but also feature advertisements and healthy eating tips.

The plan is for 20 of these scale benches to be installed in northern Sokolniki Park and other parks in the country have also already expressed interest.

Would you sit on a public bench that revealed your weight? Do you think something like this would ever fly here in the States?

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