Is Slim Fast The Right Diet For You? A Look At The Pros And Cons

(PCM) Slim Fast is one of the oldest and most trusted diet programs on the market. The company initially began selling their meal replacement shakes back in 1977, however the FDA did hesitate a bit before allowing the company to move forward. It took about two years for the Slim Fast company to really gain their footing and it was not until 1979 that they really came on strong in the weight-loss department. Over the years the company has expanded to not only sell meal replacement shakes, but also meal replacement bars, snack bars, smoothies and more.

There are several pros and cons associated with Slim Fast and it’s use as a tool for weight loss. On the positive side of things Slim Fast provides an easy program for users to follow. If you follow the Slim Fast instructions carefully then you should see weight loss results because you are reducing your overall calorie intake per day. Many of the Slim Fast products are also said to speed up your metabolism. Slim Fast coined a term for their meal plan referred to as the 3-2-1 which consists of three 100 calorie snacks, two meal replacements of about 200 calories each and a single meal of 500 calories.

You can visit the Slim Fast website for recipe ideas for the 500 calorie meal and by following the 3-2-1 plan adults are only consuming about 1,400 calories per day which should lead to significant weight loss over time. The goal of Slim Fast is to have you purchase their shakes or bars as replacements for two of your meals per day.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, there are also a few disadvantages to the Slim Fast weight loss program. First off, it can very expensive.  To follow the program correctly you must replace two of your three meals per day with Slim Fast branded meal replacement products such as shakes, bars, etc., many of which can be a bit on the pricey side, especially when you have to purchase two of them everyday. According to, a 30-day supply of SlimFast shakes (two shakes per day) will run about $60 to $70. Snacks range in price but generally cost around $1 per snack pack when you buy them in bulk. So a 30-day supply (3 snacks per day) would cost about $90. An estimated monthly cost of the SlimFast diet would be roughly $150 plus the cost of one main meal per day.

Another disadvantage to the Slim Fast program is that it may not be the very best idea for a long-term meal plan or diet program. For those that are looking for a good long term diet, it is recommended that you choose healthy food options that you will personally enjoy for the rest of your life. One could get very tired of only drinking Slim Fast shakes everyday, as they are limited in flavor options. Slim Fast also does not meet the national recommendations for a healthy diet. Slim-Fast does provide a good amount of  vitamins and minerals, it does not include the recommended amounts whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and legumes which are required for a healthy and balanced diet.

While Slim Fast has been one of the oldest weight loss products on the market, you can clearly see that it does have it’s pros and cons. We could see possibly using Slim Fast for short term weight loss goals, however you may want to consider going with a different plan for any long-term usage.

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