Speed Order Taco Bell With The Fast Food Chain’s New App!


(PCM) Taco Bell has revealed their new smartphone/tablet app that will make ordering food a snap.

Hungry customers will now be able to place their order through the app, pay for it and then drive to their nearest Taco Bell restaurant and it can be picked up via walk-in or drive-thru.

Taco Bell is now the very first fast-food chain to offer an app that will allow customers the ability to not only order and pay for their food, but also pick-up via dine-in or drive-thru. The app will also give users access to be able to see every Taco Bell ingredient that has been used to create their food.

There are also plans set in place to roll out a loyalty program sometime in 2015 to go along with the newly designed app. Taco Bell will also be releasing exclusive menu items that are only available to those customers who order through the app. It is the company’s hope that this will drive more customers to download and take advantage of the app.

Taco Bell’s president Brian Niccol had the following to say about the new app to USA Today, “Technology has fundamentally changed the way people interact with brands.¬†All can be done any time, any place on a smartphone.”

In an advertising move to draw even more attention and downloads for the app, all of Taco Bell’s social media platforms as well as, the website only contained a link which read #onlyintheapp and directed customers to a download screen.

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