The #bellybuttonchallenge Is Stirring Up Some Controversy


(PCM) The latest challenge to take social media by storm is the #bellybuttonchallenge, however many experts warn that this particular challenge could possibly promote unrealistic body image standards, as well as, overall health and weight concerns that could lead to eating disorders.

The challenge, which started in China, is an attempt for individuals to prove how physically fit they are by reaching one arm around their backs and touching their belly button from the opposite side. If the person taking the challenge is unable to reach around their back and touch their belly button then they are considered to be overweight and need to diet.

It is obvious the many psychological ramifications this challenge is promoting and it is certainly stirring up quite a debate, now that people all over the world have begun posting their own Belly Button Challenge images.

What are your thoughts on this new social media challenge craze?  Do you feel that it promotes an unhealthy body image standard?

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