True-Blood Gets It’s Own Beauty Line?

HSN is launching a line of True Blood-inspired beauty products next month, called Forsaken by True Blood. The collection, including everything from perfume and nail polish to beauty power and lipstick, will be priced between $25 and $60, so it’s a little on the pricey end, but True Blood fans may be willing to pay.

“Even into its fifth season, True Blood continues to be wildly popular in pop culture so we are always looking to provide new ways for fans to engage with the brand,” James Costos, HBO’s Vice President of Global Licensing, told “We felt a fragrance line that was elegant, mysterious and sensual lent itself naturally to the themes of the show.

Each nail polish and lipstick color is inspired by different characters, including Sookie, Pam, and Jessica, and will be divided into three separate sets for $25. The perfume, shimmering body powder, and body cream will be sold individually.

The line will be available this August on

Below is the Mini Trio Set, featuring “Bad Blood” (inspired by Pam), “Strange Love” (inspired by Jessica) and “New Flesh” (inspired by Sookie)

Photos courtesy Instyle/HBO

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